To my future clients or collaboration/partners

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My name is Hetal Joshi. 


I am connecting with you to offer my various services, business ventures, and collaborations. 

I have more than 50 specialities in various fields & minimum 25 skills per field with 100% transparency, certifications, education, expertise and experience!


My Current Area of Operations : Dallas & Fortworth Areas of Texas, USA | Some Online Consultancy of various services.


The reason for my proposal is :

  1. Your background or specialities match one or more of my specialties.

  2. I personally believe that I will be able to add value to my existing portfolio without any limitations. 

  3. I personally believe that I have a lot to contribute towards your specialities.

  4. My goal is to create self-sustaining models, just like my own company : |

Below is an example of my performing arts itself to start with. 

My Current Company : | | : I am a brand too where people contact me directly and we do projects in various fields and I keep it all open!

  1. Now a group of companies.

  2. Brands under me : Fully transferred :

  3. About Me & My experience in real field : Performing Arts, as of 2021 : 37 years of experience in teaching/performing/instructing in Indian Performing Arts as of 2019 (Bharatanatyam, Kshatriyas, Kalaripayattu, Indian Folk Dances, Chhau, Hiphop, Contemporary, Modern, Theater, Theatre, Stage, Lights, Costumes, Fusion Dances and Movie Dances/Bollywood) with absolutely straight background, year by year.

  4. My Specialities in Performing arts :

  5. Music Compositions & Re-compositions from broken music : Remixes, Classical and Hindustani. Part of my training.

  6. Theater/Theatre | Stage Lights | Drama | Props | Back Sets - We make them for our dramas and dances or get them from India - only if we have to. 

  7. Dance Dramas and Musicals - Not part of theater/theatre | Theater/Theatre without Dialogues or Monologues.

  8. Company growth under me, all traceable on our blogs with full pictures & clips : Entire Stats of my company growth with me.

  9. Experience and Background : 35+ years of straight background in Performing Arts | 17 + years in Non-Performing Arts.

  10. Performing Arts Industry :

  11. My Collabs with outside and internal teams :

  12. Click here for year by year history :

  13. My Inspirations in & out of family are listed here.

My Degrees/Qualifications :

My Website :


Other Industry Specializations:

  1. Costumes : Textiles & Fabric. I make them on my own and I design them, get samples and get them made-sometimes here in the USA itself. 

  2. Makeup : Commercial - Stage and Dance Both. I have learned Bridal makeup but that is not my specialty.

  3. Commercial Skin Care : Skin Routines & Beauty For commercial artists and troubled skin. : Shahnaz Certified from India : Can handle upto first layer epidermis issues and others. This is a pre-med qualifying program in the USA specializing in troubled skin, burned skin, skin accidents & commercial skin care/usually for TV/Stage/Movies & such personalities.

  4. Personality and Leadership - I have certifications from IIM-Ahmedabad-wing - Ahmedabad Management Association as exclusive Employee Program via company.

  5. Languages : taught/teach Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, English and I write poems/songs. Some of these poems or songs have been published in the USA too as my winning spree. I do understand other languages - about 6 to 8 of them because of my intense performing arts background. About my accomplishments : 

  6. Jewelry / Dance props and theater props : We make them, get them from India/if needed or we get the raw materials from India and get them made here.

  7. Artist Management and Model Trainings But limited due to time constraint. ALL compositions we prepare on our own or get them with full copyrights.

  8. Commercial Shoots - Advertisements : Video Stills, Shoots, Sense of Angles and Closeup & mixes : was part of my drama training for shoots. We do it here for our media submissions.

  9. Food, Diet & Wellness : Obese Kids' Meal Plans - Speciality Meal Plans for High Allergy Kids/Teens. Let the food be medicine.

  10. My Fundraisers : List of my fundraising activities.

  11. My Sponsorships : Sponsorships and Fundraising Sponsorships

  12. My Culture, faith, religion achievements : Listed here. Programs are held at various places.

  13. My Awards, Nominations and International Entries : Listed here.

Profound knowledge of following (non-degree or currently in process) because of my background & degree:

  • Business Law - because of my 5 year commerce masters degree.(bachelors plus masters)

  • HR - took 2 courses in HR for compliance understanding. 

  • Real Estate - enrolled in course, haven't yet completed, exam pending/scheduled.

  • Management - drop out from a CRM scholarship degree program in first year (only because there was no equivalent program with that niche here in USA) but have management as major subject for 3 years in masters of commerce

I am open to :

  1. partnerships

  2. collaborations 

  3. investment partners -- this is depend on type of project.

  4. service partners for all or any fields

  5. media partners in ANY field as above due to my specializations, qualifications and experience in the practical field. 

  6. offering my services in specific areas

  7. intellectual skill and education based services.

And yes, with these specializations, I can make a whole movie, without anybody, by any genre!


Non-Dance/Information Technology | Management | Sales | Marketing & Leadership | Training & Development :

As of 2021, over 17 years of experience in 10+ fields with In-depth Knowledge of Client Servicing, Sales, Engineering-Software(s), Human Resource, Information Technology Staffing & Development, CRM, SAAS, ERP, B2b, B2c, Microsoft Products, Project Management, Backend Sales & Marketing, Training-Development, Business-Mergers & Acquisitions, Immigration & Documentation, Commerce & Industry, Business Processes, Corporate Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Personnel Management. Proficient to handle all softwares & applications because of education in Information Technology.

  • Won several scholarships, awards and titles from companies and organizations as well as colleges/institutes I worked with. I was selected for several outreach programs from my companies under employee programs that I personally worked for as a full time employee/freelancer or as a partner. It was an appreciation reward for overshooting targets & goals assigned to me.

  • Looking to partner for IT services, Back Office services, Business Services, Taxation, Accounts and any of above as mentioned : Work In Progress.

  • My Work Experience in IT and Management in an actual environment :

  • Currently serving as business development manager as freelancer at a local IT company and about to launch other services. Infrastructure is in planning & development mode. It's a very NEW Company with 2 projects so far of 50K and Up : Mostly Product Development & Maintenance.

  • Training & Development with regards to all of my fields as I am a certified trainer and thus I have interns under me for IT, Management, Performing Arts & Administration.

Interested In The Following and Open To The Following:

  1. Dance productions and many more activities - by curriculum as well as with all the possibilities that may surface based on this. I am open to options on different fun projects that bring value to students in performing arts. 

  2. Exchange students for various locations. We have been in DFW for 15 years and with this, our graduates are NOW teaching all genres based on their speciality. 

  3. Looking for venture capital, capital investments and experienced professionals to work to increase my existing portfolio, knowledge, experience in industry and thus the income altogether, in not only the USA but also in India. 

    1. Performing Arts - India being a home country and our artists consider it as honor and respect to be able to perform in our own lands/where our dances were born/we want to create this path and line for them. 

    2. Some have started competing, as first timers in Indian competitions from this year as a lot of dance competitions went online as well. While some are already national level dancers in the USA or are international dancers as they do dance in India when they go visit their places.

  4. Partnerships, legally, for my various locations in DFW for performing arts at this moment. Not interested in anything backdoor. It has been history to have clear cut partnerships. If I cannot talk about it then I don't want to be in it. My whole history of everything is 100% transparent.

  5. Interested in offering your programs or services too in our various cities of operations; if you would offer those with partnership share or % or hourly.

  6. Open to Non-Indian Businesses too such as Non-Indian performing arts( and many others : Sports, Yoga, Meditation, Production/Industry - Costumes, Props, Stage BackDrops and Sets, IT Services, Real Estate, Education Industry, College and Post College Education, Trading & many more.

Very soon, I do have plans to offer my services all over the USA, UK, Europe & UAE.