About me :

Information Technology, Management :

As of 2021, over 17 years of experience in 10+ fields by 2020 with In-depth Knowledge of Client Servicing, Sales, Engineering, Human Resource, Information Technology, CRM, SAAS, ERP, B2b, B2c, Microsoft Products, Project Management, Backend Sales & Marketing, Training-Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Processes, Corporate Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Commerce, Business, Personnel Management.

Proficient to handle all softwares & applications because of education in Information Technology.

Performing Arts, Sports :

36+ years of education, experience & teaching in Indian Performing Arts as of 2020 (Bharatanatyam, Kshatriyas, Kallaripatyu, Indian Folk Dances, Chhau, Hiphop, Fitness, Sports, Wellness, Contemporary, Modern, Theater, Theatre, Stage, Lights, Costumes, Fusion Dances and Movie Dances/Bollywood) with absolutely straight background, year by year. More About Me & My Achievements in Performing Arts : www.graceandgrooves.com

Business Buyer, Promoter and Investor from over 5 years and open to all good possibilities, partnerships, profits & giving back! Successful Educator in Performing Arts/Sports/Wellness from 1999. IT (from 2019) w/Straight Background!

Achievements, Scholarships & Specs :

See me dance, See me teach (and my team too), Paid Dance Work by Genre, My Own Scholarships & Scholarships earned by my students too, My Graduates by Genre, Achivements & Awards !!!

From 5 hours per week to part-time & from 2018 - full-time :)

Current Videos Clipped from Class Recordings.

Sports, Fitness, Wellness : Coming Soon!

Achievements, Scholarships, & Project Specs

See me and my teams, My Interns, My Achivements, Scholarships, Paid-Projects.

From full time to part time & now project based :)

Clips,Pictures/Teams, Coming Soon!

To Manifest 100% from your talents & gifts, all you need is Right Knowledge From Right Sources & to know how to implement what/when.
Leadership has it's limitations when people don't listen about importance of right knowledge :)