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About me : Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj. 

Information Technology, Management :

As of 2021, over 17 years of education, experience & offering training in 10+ fields with In-depth Knowledge of Client Servicing, Sales, Engineering-Software(s), Human Resource, Information Technology Staffing & Development, CRM, SAAS, ERP, B2b, B2c, Microsoft Products, Project Management, Backend Sales & Marketing, Training-Development, Business-Mergers & Acquisitions, Immigration & Documentation, Commerce & Industry, Business Processes & Infrastructure, Corporate Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Personnel Management. Proficient to handle all softwares & applications because of education in Information Technology.

Performing Arts, Sports, Diet-Wellness :

38 years of consistent trainings, transparent/straight background, education, experience and expertise in Indian Performing Arts as of 2022 (Bharatanatyam, Sadir, Kshatriyas, Kalaripat/Kalaripayattu, Indian Folk Dances-all, Chhau, Hiphop, Fitness, Diet-Food Thy Medicine, Sports, Wellness, Contemporary, Modern, Theater, Theatre, Stage, Lights, Costumes, Fusion Dances and Movie Dances/Bollywood) with absolutely straight/transparent background, year by year. More than 100+ graduates and taught more than 2500 students in USA and India as of 2021.  I still teach! More About Me & My Achievements in Performing Arts :

  • Successful & Independent Educator in Performing Arts, Sports, Wellness from 1999. Paid-Arist from 1994.

  • Information Technology Projects - Freelancer & Leadership (from 2018 - 2019).

  • Business Buyer, Promoter and Investor from over 5 years and open to all good possibilities, partnerships/profits-sharing & giving back - Fundraisers

Scholarships, Awards, My Sponsored Events & Other Achievements in all my Fields :

Indian & Non-Indian Performing Arts

Grace And Grooves Group Of Companies

From 5 hours per week to part-time & from 2018 - full-time :) International Level.

  • Educational, Commercial, Insititutional, 38 Brands.

 Information Technology - Computers

National Level - USA.

  •  Educational - Training - Internships, Commercial. 2 brands. 10 services

Food-Diet & Wellness :

All Ages : Special Diets, Wellness, Nutrition & Diet Plans, Medically Requested Diet Plans, Obesity, Depression, food/eating disorders, food allergy. Affiliated and 100% success ratio.

  • Direct services. 

Leadership Specialities :

Accomplishments by fields, participative & non-participative leadership, open-source & deligatory leaderships. Graduates.

  • Direct Services & through all the brands, depending on field

 Sports & Fitness

  • Bootcamps Only. - Result Oriented. Must Follow. More than  20 workshops offered!

  • 1 registered brand

 Cultural, Faith, Religions & Spiritual 

  • Educational, Practice, Consultation Only

All My Workshops : Dance, Wellness & Diet, Sports - Fitness
Successfully Offered More Than 40 workshops in DFW-Texas, USA in Dance, Fitness/Sports & about half a dozen in Wellness-Diet as solo independent artist/consultant.

(With and Without Performance).

 Language - Literature : Commercial Writing 

My Writeups, Articles, Songs/Poems-Wins all over USA.

  • Educational for Language.

  • Literature & Lyricst - Commercial Only

- Wins-Published in English so far in USA. I do not teach this. This is purely commercial work.

Commercial Fabric / Textiles 

Wholesale costumes, industrial level-direct factory, fabric designing projects & orders.  Bharatanatyam, Folk Dances, Bollywood, Fusion, made by design.  2 Product Lines.

Every hour I spend is my work and everything is main. Thus the degrees, certifications, trainings, real-time experience, projects and all of above. My staff for all of above : click here.

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