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Educational Qualifications :

Schools : IB Schools.

  • Mt. Carmel, Gandhinagar, Gujarat​, India. 

  • St. Xaviers, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India : 

  • A. G. Teachers School of Commerce, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.​​ Higher Secondary.

  • About My Schools & Performing Arts.

Bachelors of Commerce, Gujarat University-India. 

  • College : L.J. College of Commerce, Vastrapur (Now R.J Tibrewal College)

  • Specialization : Business Administration, Advance Statistics. 

Masters of Commerce, Gujarat University-India.(Direct). Scholarships.

  • Branch - Gujarat College, Ahmedabad, India. ​​

  • Specialization : Year 1. Business Administration w/Advance Statistics, Advance Accounts.

  • Year 2 : Business Administration w/Business Economics, Advance/Business Accounts.​

  • Program Info : 2 Years Program + assigned subject thesis.

    • Must be local and complete assigned research and class topics on : Business Management, Commerce, Economy, Statistics, Business Accounts, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Establishment, Personal Management, ​Business & Product Launch, Consolidation of Accounts, Taxation, Business & International Laws, Imports and Exports. Pics Above.

Masters of Business Administration-India:​ 

  • Specialization : CRM (w/Analytics). Executive Program-Scholarship ​

  • University : ICFAI, Hyderabad-India. Branch:Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

  • ​​Program Info : Duration - 20months w/4 months of LIVE projects (Accelerated Executive MBA Program)

  • Cleared-12 Months of Education & Semester-1 Exams & 1 LIVE Paid/Intern Project.

  • Discontinued due to family planning & continuous relocation in USA and center unable to provide exam center. Pics Above. 

Masters in Fine Arts,Tamil University-Chennai, India : Dance Linkedin (Sponsored Education)

  • Specialization : Bharatanatyam, Theaters/Theatres of India, Dramas, Dance Dramas & Theory of Dance

  • College : TDES-TiruchirappalI Diocesan Educational Society, Trichy & Tamil University.

  • Branch : Don Bosco School Of Arts & Technology-Kilpauk-Chennai, India.

  • Program Info  : 2 Years Program.Visiting Residency Program :

    • Must come for 25-30 full days at-least 1 of the year (9am to 8pm attendance class, theory, full costume concert in Bharatanatyam and Musicals, practical dance exams margam and non-margam, nattuvangam, thalam, thesis & research to one of their locations in India.) More Details - Here. 

    • Marksheets Posted Above : Other marksheet has one more name :). Certificate-hopefully soon :)

    • Convocation was to happen in 2020/with international students/Covid-we all are waiting!

    • Journey of MFA - Check this. | My Advice - Don't Go There ;)


  Professional Certifications: That Don't Expire.


  Fundraising Achievements : Pics Below.


     Indirect Fundraising Events (Assisted for the events as intern & volunteer) : Pics Below.


Awards, Nominations for Accomplishments in Field of  Information Technology, Performing Arts, Fundrasing Projects-Volunteering Work, Management, Training, Development, Education, Leadership & Record-Breaking Achievements..

Other Accomplishments in India & USA by Year : Pics Below.

  • Harmony School of Innovation, Carrollton, Texas - 2015 Jan to June 2016 - Dance, Independent. Project - Paid & Unpaid)

  • Karya Sidhhi Hanuman Temple, Frisco, Texas - 2014 to 2016 - Language & Religion Instructor - Volunteer | Non Profit. 

    • Language Instructor : Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit. Religion Instructor : As required, same time slot. Assistant Instructor : Sanskrit - Advance.

  • DFW Hindu Temple Society-Ekta Mandir, Irving - Texas 2012-2014 - Vidya Vikas Teaching Instructor - Volunteer | Non Profit. 

    • Main Instructor/Teacher : Gujarati, Hindu, Sanskrit : Beginners to Advance Levels, Instructor : Substitute : Events as required.

  • Harmony School of Business, Dallas - Texas 2013 to 2014 - Destination Imagination Team Manager Elementary - PTO - Handle a diverse team of about 6 students.Team scored in first 10 on State level - Volunteer | Non Profit.

  • Universal Academy, Coppell, Texas 2013-2014 - Vice President PTO Officer - PTO Board Committee Officer.

    • Chosen and Selected by Votes by Staff, PTO board and Parents of entire school.

  • Universal Academy, Coppell-Texas 2012 to 2013 - Staff Event Coordinator - Volunteer. Events for Administration and School Staff.

    • Treasurer and A PTO Officer. [Assigned PTO] Position Won by Votes and Staff Consent.

  • Universal Satori Learning Centers, Coppell, Texas - Jun 2009 – Jun 2012 - PTO-Culture, School Festivals & Lunch Coordinator - Volunteer (2009 to 2012) Fun and elementary events such as culture fest, talent, competitions for Satori Learning Centers at Coppell, Texas,

  • Non.Profit IT project for Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj - 2001 – 2002 - Webpage Designer, Site map and Fundraiser for Earthquake Disaster Relief Operations. Paid Internship More Details​.

  • HelpAge India Fundraising - 1992 – 1993 - Fund Collector

    • Highest Collections & gather supplies for homeless elders and handicapped elderly. in cash/cheque for Help-Age India Project as part of inter-convent schools at St. Xaviers and Mt.Carmel, Gandhinagar-Gujarat, India. Pics Above.

  • C.R.Y-India 2000-2001 - Fundraiser Team in association with local youth clubs.

    • Highest Fundraiser and Collections. C.R.Y India | Talent Show and Costume Sales | Inter-College activities and Youth clubs. Pics Below

  • C.R.Y. America 2015 to 2016 - Co-Organizer with Direct C.R.Y - America.

    • Warm Up Workshop for 5k/3k/Run/Walkathon. Entertainment and Recreational Dancers Ages 5 to 30 for Marathon Participants and Refreshments. Location : Irving-Texas. Pics and Events :

  • Sole Donar to C.R.Y - America ( 2015 to 2016 ): Event Organizer, Main Choreographer, Costumes and Lead Dancer

    • Organized, Choreographed, Planned, Costumes by Hetal Nagaraj. **Credits received by C.R.Y America. Event Details Here.

  • By 2020 December : Exclusively with Hetal Nagaraj itself, her students are celebrating their 250th, 450th hour Bollywood, 350th or 400th hour in Indian Folk Dances (once week), 150th hour in Kalaripayattu, for some the journey has began and are about to touch their 80th hour & some at 500th hour in Bharatanatyam(some twice week) & the history continues. Students with 1000+ hours of Bharatanatyam have completed their Arangetram online or in-person or LIVE. Check Our Graduates Our Diploma & Master Level Graduates. Alot of these Students have achieved their national level in performing arts! 

  • By 2020, Hetal Nagaraj is Indian Classical Dance Guru from 2014 only (now have first set of graduates or about to graduate & national as well as international for Bharatanatyam, Chhau, Kalari).
  • By 2020, Hetal Nagaraj is Indian Folk Dance Guru (from 1999 and then from 2010-100s of graduates, national n international level now).

  • By 2020, Hetal Nagaraj is in Bollywood/Tollywood Dance Teachings from 2014 (now have national level students teaching Bollywood too) & Several Recreational Level Students that come and go-just for fun classes/seasonal classes that happen every year by season.

  • By 2020, Hetal Nagaraj has about 80+ graduates in various folk dances just in Dallas Fortworth of Texas, USA who have achieved lot by just once a week class exclusively. Her Elites/Graduates Now Teach under us or on contract and are national level dancers in various & multiple genres. 

  • By 2020, Created a Series of Dhamaal Events Workshops with International Artists in DFW-Texas, USA exclusively under Hetal Nagaraj.

  • By 2020, Created 3 different production lines as in the form of Indian Dances itself. All of which had about 65+ students just of her own in the productions and the choreographers as well as outside invited artists from various walks of life were given equal opportunity to perform. See here.

  • Performances : Hetal performs every year 3 to 4 performances in her own shows itself in DFW-Texas, per year except for March to Dec 2020 due to Covid when lockdown happened. From 1999-2020, she has performed over 150+ performances, a minimum, by genre in her OWN shows or events organized by her or her OWN teachers in USA & India. Other 150+ performances for outside shows/events/culture events with minimum of 2 to 3 of those events per year. This is 300+ dances in Solo(s) & Group/Paid and Unpaid Projects. In 2021, she went LIVE with her 7th arangetram with international audience over Zoom & Youtube Invite LIVE.

  • From 2020 onwards, several of her students started winning international awards for not only their contributions in Indian Performing Arts but some awards required Non-Dance submissions as well. ALL Non-Voting, Non-Competition-strictly by submitting skills/clips/videos/shoots or accomplishment certificates/proof. Click Here for their beautiful Achievements.

  • By 2021 March, Hetal Nagaraj owns 28+ brands of Indian Performing Arts in DFW areas of Texas, USA. About US - Click Here.

  • 1999 to March 2021, Hetal Nagaraj has bagged 32 awards in non-voting events from Indian Dance Competitions to non-voting culture and leadership or inspiring awards in 1st 3 prizes for the following : Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood/Tollywood, Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, Chaau, Fusion, Culture, Leadership, Student Awards, Strictly by rules, Genre, Curriculam, Technique Focused, Creative, & Recreational, Competition Rules as well as choreography and costume guidelines as well as her guru(s) original art-works. See the competitions we do.

    • Nomination Rounds NOT Counted :). Not reality and non-voting competitions. Year Round Indian Performing Arts School With Programs by Genre with an option of once a week, twice a week, thrice a week and 4 times a week.

  • By 2021, Over Half A Dozen Artist under Reachh Mediaa exclusively under Hetal Nagaraj.

  • By 2021, Created Opportunities for High Schoolers, Interns and Amateur Artists for The Grace Effect Team. Over 15 Students have benifitted from this program.

  • By 2021, Under Hetal Nagaraj, she created Oppotunities for Amateur Artists by providing them audience, opportunities to know their skills(if they knew/do the fixes) and participation avenues for dance, modeling, shoots, and costume planning under team of Texas All Star Talents and as part of Non-Profit as giving back to community.

  • June 2021 : Hetal Nagaraj received inspiring entrepreneur award for her accomplishments, growth & achievements in performing arts in all areas. Certificate/Award. She was featured in India Today - The Impact regarding the same accomplishment. She was This is her 4th international award.

  • August 8, 2021: Hetal Nagaraj broke her own several records and made a history in entire Performing Arts :

    1. Exclusive by genre - 3 dance productions in 1 day (Anantha Classical Dance Production, Rang Folk Dance Production & Sarva Cinematic Dance Production) featuring Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu-Dance, Kalaripayattu- Martial Arts, Chhau Dance & Martial Arts, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood, Tollywood, Theater/Drama, Dance Drama by genre, Literature and Language Series by Genre, Hiphop, Indian Hiphop, Contemporary, Fashion Show by her teen groups & young active adults! ​Each of her production were non-stop 2 hours. First production started at 12 noon and last one ended at 730pm.

    2. Longest Danceathon of straight 19 Mins featuring our pre-competition teams and her national level elites - by genre.

    3. Hetal herself performed a full dance routines with/without her students in Bharatanatyam, Hiphop, Folk Dances, Contemporary, Kalaripayattu, Chhau, Fusions and Fashion Show Routines.

    4. Hetal started her first show w/her students at 19 years under her teachers. Hetal broke her own record of that too when her 18 year old's first set of students performed flawlessly - that signedup exclusively under Ashna's own name - NOT under Hetal's name :). Ashna Pethe.

    5. Otherwise, Hetal had her first intern at the age of 15(Mansi Chauhan) under Dance/Learn as Your Earn/Paid Internships - Program of Texas All Star Talents. Hetal's Graduate Samarth Setty(Age 13) had his first solo student who performed beautifully on stage. Hetal's own graduate Nirja Setty(15) had her first set of intern classes in Bharatanatyam. Her own student - a 12 year old started her sub-internships as well for those who needed help. For volunteer assignments, hetal's first direction was at DFW Temple,Irving-Texas-Intern Age was 17 for Traditional-Fashion Show Bollywood Theme.

    6. We as Grace And Grooves/Hetal as well, broke our own record this time for having maximum number of LIVE Shoots during the show itself - Outdoor and Indoors as part of our own show on August 8, 2021. Pictures are posted here.

    7. Theater Series Part 2 went LIVE on stage with full dialogues, acting, music/sound and light effects under Hetal - Ages 6 to 18.

    8. We broke our own record of having several virtual students - who went on stage as is with full costumes and routines! Our First Time!

    9. Record Breaking 300 people visited as running audience that were our dance school parents-just her own students' strength. Outsiders were strictly prohibited this time due to Covid.

CRY Fundraiser 2016
CRY Run/Walkathon/3K/5K
2000-2001 CRY India Event - 1
PTO Staff Meetings 1
PTO Staff Meetings/events-1
Surprise to PTO Staff
My students Religion Performance
Destination Imagination 2013 to 2014
DFW Hindu Temple Language and Literature
Hanuman Temple

When you know that you have a talent, do the right thing - make it a skill-set before you teach to others.

So that the transfer of knowledge never harms. Live a life that can sustain itself.

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