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Awards 1st 3 & Nominations in Competitions of My Students

Institutional, Educational Performing Arts
All non voting competitions strictly by techniques, curriculam, genre, category & by level.
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Competition Wins & Entries, Only the Finals : Click here for details..

​  Judges Remarks :

Judges remarks (Our first time online competition, local to DFW-Texas): Screen recording coming soon!

  • 2023 - Saroja Vaidyanathan Award + 1 Nomination - Thillana - Student - Elites - An****, Ma****.

    • Bharatanatyam - Online International submission with list of required jathis and adavus.

  • 2022 - Literature series - Elementary Bharatanatyam-DFW, Texas, USA / Nationals - Online/Hybrid. Ir***

  • 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - Wins - Regionals and Nationals - Online / Local Hybrid - Kalaripayattu/Kalari, Bollywood, Fusion, Contemporary, Hiphop and Traditional Bollywood -

    • Elites - Aahna(Contemporary, Kalari), Samarth(Bollywood, Hiphop, Kalari), Nirja (Bharatanatyam-Fusion, Hiphop, Folk, Traditional Bollywood), Ashna(Fusion, Bollywood), Audrey Martin (Bharatanatyam and Hiphop), Aayan-Bollywood and Hiphop & other pre.elites(bollywood & bharatanatyam).

  • 2020 - Puja Natesan. International online adults awards + competitions - 3 rounds. Nominations in 2 rounds. 19 countries. Inhouse Elite.

  • 2019, 2020, 2021 - all categories 1, 2, 3rd places.

    • above pic collage of winners - Bollywood, Bharatanatyam and Folk Dances

  • Judges Remarks(Carrollton -Texas - 2017, Plano 2018): creative use of techniques, expressions were just as needed, makeup matches the moods of the whole song & concept, costume 10/10, loved it.

    • S**t** Competitions, **i* Competitions-national level.

  • Judges Remarks(Carrollton -Texas - 2017, Plano 2018): very intelligent use of techniques in choreography, expressions were amazing, Beautiful Makeup, Very Beautiful Costume. i have seen so many dances on this song but this is very beautiful. Competitions : N**S Competition, S**t** Competitions.

  • Judges Remarks(Carrollton -Texas - 2016): Amazing Choreography, Dramatic Expressions, Beautiful Makeup, Very Beautiful Costume, how did you choreograph on this song! Nicely Done. Competitions : N**S Competition.

  • Judges Remarks(Irving-Texas) : Very beautifully done, I did not know one can dance so artistically on this song!

  • Judges Remarks(Carrollton-Texas) : Best Costume, Best Makeup, Best Choreography.

    • Semi-Classical(Bharatnatyam)+Indian Folk Dance-Rajasthan. (Duet).

  • Judges Remarks(Plano-East Texas-2014): I couldn't believe that she was 7 years old! Very beautifully done-Indian Folk Dance-Lavani).(Solo-student). S**t*** Competitions. 

  • Judges Remarks(Plano-East Texas-2014): Amazing Indian Folk Dance-Ghoomar (Ghummar/Ghumar) for a 9 year old. Very beautifully done. Student were asked number of hours they practiced throughout the week to learn it.

    • Student said-it was through out the year to get it right with speed and to be called a Ghoomar/Ghummar/Ghommar-Rajasthani (Solo). S**t*** Competitions.

  • Judges Remarks(Plano-Texas - 2013): Lovely Dresses and beautifully done. Makeup was amazing and with costume, it best-fits child's skin color.

    • Artistically showed Indian Folk Dances(Lavani w/Koli) in one song. Group(10 Students).

  • Judges Remarks(Plano-Texas-2013): Lovely Dresses and very well done. After a long time I saw such a pure folk. Coming from Masters Degree in Indian Performing Arts and having one 2 classical dances, this was something I just studied as part of my presentations from other student and today I saw it. Very beautifully done. This is our very first competition and we are amazed to see Pure Indian Folk Dance done so beautifully at at his age. Group (12 Students, Age 5 to 10). *i**** *p*** Competition. Folk Dances of Gujarat(India).

All non voting competitions strictly by techniques, curriculam, genre, category & by level.
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