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Stats of Success – Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj Exclusively.

 I teach/instruct and personally takes these lessons/workshops/classes + supervision.

 Most of these were achieved in/by 2014 itself (bulk booking) which led to social media uploads.

 Activities other than the regular dance lessons | Picture relevant to each activity.

 Part time until 2019 | Educational from 1999 | Commercial from 1993-1994 | Professional from 2000 

 Absolutely love my teams and students, all this once/twice/thrice a week class, part time or seasonal.

*****I took/take limited "regular" batches of "regular/routine classes" unlike other teachers (year round classes) b'coz I was part time until 2019 or my projects are booked well in advance. Year round classes require steady weekly commitment. 

  • These "other" activities bring good money + it feeds to my all specialities as well and do not require steady weekly commitments + I could/can do all i want in other days ( The commitments in these activities are scheduled ahead of time with specific goal as well & $$$$ and thus easy to deliver. 

  • One of the reason, I never applied or worked for anybody in performing arts because I could not commit. *****

These Stats are from social media company and are exclusive to Hetal Nagaraj + Hetal Joshi M’s own without a single reel and without a single $$ on auto-likes.

Company (Grace And Grooves) and Ms. Hetal thanks our seo teams –

Ms Jaimini->Ms. Jinal->Ms. Digvijay(Dj's wifey) for handling these from 2014-2015.

 Stats of competition/awards/nominations/publishing wins Myself + My Students - As of Dec 2023 -

​ Statistics of ALL Activities as of Dec 2023.

  • More than 317 solo/group performances with a key participant or as a key participant.

  • More than 308 programs or events successfully delivered.

  • 91 workshops conducted exclusively u/leadership + exclusively w/more than 99% involvement.

  • 28 non profit programs exclusively led with full involvement.

  • 12 sponsored programs exclusively handled and led with full involvement.

  • 175 private packages sold, taught and led exclusively with full involvement.

  • 75 workshop delivered successfully to clients.

  • 21 lecture demonstrations delivered successfully.

  • 14 fitness and wellness workshops delivered successfully

  • More than 27 projects mentored & successfully delivered under me with full involvement independently by my grads.

  • More than 20 successful launch of In-house Elites / own grads.

  • More than 39 successful independent projects deliverd by my teams, mentored with full involvement under me.

  • More than 14 non-dance professionals launched under me for diperforming arts services/products.

  • More than 8 external artists launched independently

  • More than 14 successfull brands launched in various countries.

  • More than 7 international workshops successfully delivered of other artists under me.

  • More than 14 gifted artists were trained to be skilled in variuos products/services and launched successfully.

  • Successfull launch of 13 external choreographers with full involvement.

  • More than 57 exclusive shoots by me and with full involvement with more than 116 best shots delivered till date for variuos gigs.

  • More than 18 skilled professionals launched in USA, India, Canada.

  • More than 25 makeup hair gigs sucessfull delivered per request of client or shoot.

  • Total students taught as of Dec 2023 – 3500.

  • Total Grads more than 150+ in 8 genres and this count does not include workshop students.

  • Number of Arangetram – 8 as of 2023.

  • Highest number of Indian Folk Workshops, highest number of Bollywood workshops and highest number of Bharatanatyam workshops as of 2023. In USA, and most likely in India too because Hetal does it herself other than leadership. It’s in Hetal’s name and Hetal’s fetches these clients or customers by her own activities.

    • Other Elites’ portfolios are rarely presented or presented collectively as group depending on availability.

    • Once the auditions are cleared then Elites are exclusively locked for clients.

  • Straight curriculum competition wins from 2007 to 2023 in all genres.

    • India/Michigan/Kansas – Wins from 2000.

  • Number of successful brands 39.

  • 6 Lines of Independent lines of Elites (from 2000)

  • Instructed/created and launched 1st generations in performing arts – more than 12.

  • Instructed 2nd generation of Elites (grad's students).

  • 3rd generation of students (Elite’s grads’ kids are in training) – that makes me grand ma.


 Social Media Stats  On Grace And Grooves Website | as of Dec 2023 (without all the company uploads of 2024 and onwards)

Grace And Grooves Group of Companies‘s social media stats of all our company/pages and artists –

likes + followers.

  • Total of Facebook – 40161 + 39570

  • Total of Tiktok – 1 million

  • Total instagram – 1 million

  • Total youtube – 1500

  • Total Twitter – 2000 – new.

  • Total Analytics 20.5 Billion

  • Awards, recognitions, newspapers – 35 million.

  • Blog – average hits 500 per week

  • Website Grace And Grooves Group of Companies – average hits 1500 per week

  • Hetal Joshi M‘s own site – average hits per week 13000

  • Average picture distributed and highest number of clicks 20 million through gigs and submissions.

  • Average analytics of post reach or views on any of our pages/videos or platforms – 25 million.

  • + other subscribers and company database TBD

  • + Official social media releases under company name and my name - tiktok 25K, youtube 50k, fb roughly 75K insights per post, insta 10K

These do not include teachers’ or Ms. Hetal’s teachers/companies’ websites or copyright channels that transferred to Hetal Nagaraj/Hetal Joshi M with full rights to advertise/own or use for benefits of teachers’ and hetal’s company too..

Other Facts -

  1. ****Highest number of students instructed in 1 day? - workshop 1 / 400 people + 300 people in workshop 2 + 3 batches of my own in 3 genres and 2 levels - 30 which i myself find as discovery (730) & the other was flowermound 800 ppl workshop. There's pic of it too. The one in North Dallas and every year min 200 people attend this and client from more than 8 years now with special request of Hetal Nagaraj Dance or elites only. (

  2. Highest workshop number by students 2000 org by a multinational company in bollywood. 2nd highest 800 ppl in Flowermound in Folk. Bharatanatyam highest 35 students for an ISD/charter school from which 15 students joined and completed their level 1(elementary and pushpanjali).

  3. Highest billing 4500$ just for 1 hour straight dance back to back in multple genre or categories with 5 mins host announcements exclusive to Hetal Nagaraj Dance/me (just my solo and presentation in performing arts) booked through Jinal Shah's initial pvt ltd now known as Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 - Indian branch. I launched Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 in USA with my activities.

  4. Group highest billing with me (8000$-modeling/dance, costume and suppliers package aka client w/Setty Siblings). ofcouse from this there is a cost of makeup artist, venue booking, at times warddrobe, at times additional camera men requested by client so that amount we have to pay/depends on contract or MOU and then other expenses of travel/refreshments.

  5. Activity List -

Why only the highest ? Here's a couple of lowest : 

****Lowest number of students in a 1 hr workshop - 3.

One of those days that everybody plans it and everybody wokeup sick and because everything else is planned, usually hosts do not cancel it. Well. We still do the workshop as everybody comes by for a bit. #yes

****Lowest billing - 0.

Temple/spiritual/church/religious places dances, several fundraisers, culture shows or any such.

****Lowest number of participants/audience till date, 5 people.

It does not matter how many people are watching in audiences. It is what it is. Gigs are gigs. #factsyoudidntknow


Usually these issues occur in one of those programs that is usually a split of multiple days/segments/phases or by slots/depends and thus all or most of the events repeat and that includes either our workshops or performances or where the audiences are *running audience/standby audience/come and go types*.

You always have a choice to do it beautifully(integrity it doing it right when nobody watches) and always fresh.

Not all events may have the exact number of audiences at all times. At times, it is very high, at times it is very low, at times delirious!

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