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 Diet & Wellness By Hetal Joshi M

Paid Services - Nutrition, Meal Plans, Men-Women's Wellness :

  1. Board Member and Advisory of parenting sites along with pediatric doctors, certified nutritionist and gynacologist for Child/Toddler/Pediatric/Adolscent/Teen & Women-Post Pregnancy Meal Plans - Indian Food : Contract.

  2. Obese Kids' Meal Plans - Speciality Meal Plans for High Allergy Kids/Teens.

  3. BMI, Medically Challenged Kids and Meal Plans.

  4. Success Ratio : 100%. Over 200 kids benefitted from her meal plans and came out of allergy & asthma to lead a normal childhood.

  5. Calculating Nutrition Value of Food for various blogs and blog maintenance-IT. By Contract & As Needed.

** Above services, worldwide.


Non-Profit & Volunteer :

  • Meal Tasting and Kids Nutrition for School Lunches For Charter Schools, Private Schools and Montessori Schools.

    • Vegan, Vegetarian Meal Tasting, Speciality Meals for kids with food intolerance.

    • Solo Vegetarian Meal Sponsor for my birth-kid's teachers as my gift for the entire appreciation week (10 meals) as my own contribution towards PTO, other than my PTO chair commitments for 4 straight years. 

2022 case concluded in nov/dec with massive improvements in 7months.
My Win : I removed eczema + allergy from a 6 year old. 10th month without nebulizer. Hopefully it will never come back :).

Qualifications, Experience & Internships :
Hindu Books of Knowledge - Mastered & Implemented under Guru Shishya Parampara : Smt. Anusuya Joshi.
Smt Anusuya Joshi is Sanskrit Vidhvan/scholar currently offering her free-services to Dada Bhagvan Foundation, Ahmedabad, India. She is Former Lead-Senior-Sanskrit Examiner/Tester of South Gujarat University for Scholars, PHD holders, Schools and Colleges.
Degree : Masters in Sanskrit with Thesis, Lead/Former - Vice Principal of Fatima Convent Girls-School.
As of 2022.
  1. Vedas :​ Atharva-Veda(Charaka-Samhita - 17 years of practice).

    • ​A system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient India. It is one of the foundational texts of classical Indian Medicine and Ayurveda.

  2. Shashtra : Rasayan Shashtra (over 20 years of practice). Let the food be medicine.

  3. Upanishas : Prashna Upanishad (13 years of practice) 

    • ​The Prashna Upanishad is embedded in the Atharva Veda. It is a Mukhya upanishad and listed as #5 in the Muktika canon of 108 Upanishads. Mental Health, Wellness & Consciousness.

**This is not nutrition | not dietician | not ayurveda | not homeopathy either.

**There is no-university that teaches practicing all this.

**It has to be learned and practiced these with a guru with certain specializations and under constant supervision until mastered!

**Full medical report with medicine lists with applicable x-ray/sonogram is required for consult.

My 84 yr old Guru.

My current case : Spondyloarthritis, Men + allergy family

Recommendations & Success Stories of all diet, wellness programs : feeling blessed to put it together !!

When the hunger for knowledge beats influence, motivation is self driven & within - hetaljoshim

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