My Bigggggeeeeest Failures....

And the fun begins .....

  1. Failed Physics exam in 8th grade, had to leave science field and moved to commerce! life came early before i was ready!

  2. Crashed 2 laptops - more than 3 times. Linux / Computer Installations - Lost the client & deal too. Age 21-22.

    • learned to do it correctly and i bagged my first freelance IT project after that. guess who was my scholarship clearance supervisor - same professor / client :)

  3. Lost money in my first business in college days, all my of my own earnings - Rs.1 lakh - Dad will know it now as he knows i have website today :). Age 21took a second job, paid it off, still opened 3 salons in partnerships. never give money to people who don't have transparency.​

  4. Fell on stage in my first sponsored event/competition for which my costume was fully sponsored. I won the competition but lost the sponsor. Rs.25K net loss. Age 19. never trust anybody last minute for the clothes you will wear on special events!​

  5. Lost my regional tournament(Badminton) and thus the sponsor - Rs. 10K net loss. Age 21.

    • never take sports sponsors under pressure or influence.
  6. CRM- IT - MBA drop out - moved to USA and there was no program back then that would compare that level. University refused for distance program :)
  7. H1-B denied twice in USA, i started working for indian company in indian hrs/currency. I launched them in USA (haha). Immigration failed to stop me.
  8. First performance of Grace Creations was a disaster in creativity...

    • Lessons learned - from hiring outside choreographers without background (esp those who don't listen) to change in dates of event, last min costumes change, change of song request, dancers sick, everything just went wrong - 2012-2013. i-cried.
    • And then we won 4 competitions, back to back. Took them to nationals, by the time they graduated, they earned  $$ :)
  9. My elites and graduates in performing arts have failed in several competitions, by genre for some or the other mistakes.
    • and so have we and so today, they came to a point where they won non-stop without a single vote. And so we have today unbeatable records.

  9. Failed NESTA Exam in USA......may be will do again! some day!!!!!!

  10. Tried making bread - 56 times.... Failed....oh, i will try one more time :)

  11. Tapioca dish - a famous gujarati dish - 23 times ....Failed......and will try one more time :)

  12. Failed my MFA exam in one subject for some weird reasons, worst thing was that i was not even told about it until i came to know! - oh, well, gave it again - cleared it !!!!


I never give up until I reach my goals

......Failures are part of life.....But that doesn't mean, you have to fail / give up :) Know the difference! What's your excuse ?????? 

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