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Fitness Wellness & Fun Classes as well as Workshops by Hetal Joshi

Regular Programs by Hetal Joshi :

About Women's Wellness Program :

Fun Loving Class for Active/Young Moms and New-Moms. This class is result oriented focused to women's health. From just basic startup-workout or just somebody who wants to get rid of their sedentary lifestyle and get it started to move under a trained instruction.

This program is mastermind of Hetal Joshi(Launch Year & Success : 2014-2016) and over 20 women ages 25 to 35 years old registered for package classes for 2 years alternate days program. While some joined daily 5-day program. 

Students/Young Moms/Adults in this program recovered from their daily-back pains, other day-to-day body sprains & post delivery issues(permanently). This program was kept to pause as the contract w/existing venue ended & we were looking for our own venue.

These are amongst my highest rated Workshops in Fitness, Dance & My Solo Performances and some are my clients from 5 years now depending on events as they occur. 

Celebrating my 6th year with them.​

Pictures & screenshots of all our paid/workshops/some are/were regular programs.....

Will post more as i find them. I take them if I have time. Over 20 workshops offered in dfw successfully.

Hetal Joshi's Background Sports - Wellness - Fitness - Awards & Accomplishments :

1988 - 1989 : Grade 4 : Selected for try-outs.

Selected in School Sports Team/Group with direct invite from school coaches for try-outs and trainings.

1990 - 1991 : Grade 6, Annual School Sports, Inter-School Sports Selections and City Qualifier for the following sports:

  1. Badminton - Singles, Doubles

  2. Atheletics : Short Run 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 Meters, Hurdles -100, 200, 400.

  3. Atheletics : Long Run Medley 800 Meter & Above Medley (400*2)

  4. Shot Put

  5. Long Jump

  6. Group-Volley-Ball (Extra Player, played 2 city level tournaments).

1991 - 1992 : Regionals And State Qualifier for the following sports :

  1.  Badminton - Singles, Doubles

  2.  Atheletics : Short Run 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 Meters, Hurdles -100, 200, 400.

  3.  Atheletics : Long Run Medley 800 Meter & Above Medley (400*2)

  4.  Shot Put

  5.  Long Jump

1992 - 1995 : Grade 8, 9, 10 : National Qualifier for the following sports, Group : ​

Event Sponsored by Coca-Cola(India):

  1.  Badminton - Singles, Doubles

  2.  Atheletics : Short Run 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 Meters, Hurdles -100, 200, 400.

  3.  Atheletics : Long Run Medley 800 Meter & Above Medley (400*2)

  4. Shot Put

  5. High Jump 

School Level Accomplishments:

********Awarded by school for Best Sportsmen of the Year - 3 consecutive years and attracted sponsorships to various events***********

********2 Times Runner-Up-National-Qualifier for Atheletics - Short Run & Long Run. Under 16. ***********

1998 : Injury : Major Knee Injury during atheltics championships/tournament so left all sports except badminton.

Badminton was doable until 2002. See her cast and other pics. Pictures below.

2000 : College Level :

  1. 3 times National Qualifier : Badminton. Singles & Doubles.

  2. Featured in Times of India for Youth Achievements & Full Scholarship for Diploma Courses & Various Sports Events.

Hetal's Sports Sponsors until 2002:

NIKE(India), COKE(aka Coca Cola - India), Thumbs-up(India), Adidas(India) & Nirma(India) to name a few with other local venue sponsors in Gujarat, India. All Certificates sponsored by LIMCA(India). Pictures in below slideshow.

My Sports Pictures, Awards & Sponsorships : Uploads in Process.....


2002 : Hetal stopped playing professionally from 2002 because of injury/severe pains and reports showed more damage. 

Continued Dance Activites.

2004 : Moved to US. Took a long break from Sports 2004 to 2009 - 2010. 

Other Recreational Sports at various places(City Gyms-Gandhinagar-India, Private Gyms-YMCA, Rajpath-Ahmedabad-India) :

  • Chess, Basketball (Extra-Player, played 2 tournaments inter-city) & Artistic Yoga.

  • Some Acro-March Band exclusively for Republic/Independence Day Showcases under Schools | St. Xaviers - Mt. Carmel.

Non-Competitive Sports / Trainings :

Martial Arts :

  1. Kshatriya-war art form showcases fully completed : Combat Skills.

  2. Kalaripat / Kalaripayattu

  3. Mayurbhanj Chhau 

Dance : Kalaripayattu, Mayurbhanj Chhau as part of school.

Completed Kalaripayattu & Chhau in 2015 with Dance Drama(s) At Darpana Academy of Performing Arts.

2009-2010 :  Knee injury recovered in full.

During well checkup & x-rays/tests at Baylor Medical Center, Irving, Texas USA, reports revealed fully recovered knees. She takes regular reports/checkups of her knee due to this.

It was adviced that she does not take sponsored sports events/tournaments or intense dance professional commitments to avoid permanent damage. 

  • This is also the reason, Hetal does not perform own solo shows-often (non-stop solo 1-2 hrs of stage dances) like most artists do in classical dances repetoire.

  • For those type of shows, hours of physical-practices are required for that precision.

  • But otheriwse, she takes upto an hour of performances for all LIVE Stage Performances.

  • Teaching Dance for hours together (rather slow process), Basic Level Workouts, Kalaripayattu, Chhau and Martial Arts are doable and has kept all at good health - till date (It has been 19 years).

  • Hetal performs regularly in her own shows-by genre and balances it very well for all paid, unpaid, volunteer/fund-raisers & most of these are local to Texas as she is settled with family & school-going kids in DFW-Texas. From 2014 - 2015, she has gained international dancer & international-instructor status when she performed in Pondicherry, Chennai and Ahmedabad. She performs regularly when she visits India. Most or all of her dance activities are with her own groups, in her own dance-networks and teachers or with strict billing/contracts. Her growth in performing arts : and her long list of Graduates. 

2009 - 2010 : Pre-natal and Post-natal Exercises :

Moms Only (Pregnant and Recently Delivered) Group Classes. Trail Running and Post-natal Exercises : Moms Only.

- Women's Wellness Program-1 | Pictures in above slideshow.

2011 - 2012 : Bollywood Workout Classes.

Bollywood Workout Classes : Age 18 to 30. Pictures in above slideshow.

Bollywood Work Out Classes : Moms Only. Pictures in above slideshow.

2014 : Moms / Young Women / Active Women ( Women-Only) Physical Fitness & Wellness Classes :

Warm Ups, Walks, Sprints, Regular Distance 3K and 5K. Ages 30 to 45 | 2 Years Program for Active Adults & Adults starting out to fitness.

Complete Recovery of day to day sprains with full results & weight loss along with diet plans.  Pictures in above slideshow.

It is offered  at:

2015 - 2016 - 2017:

Hetal gained thorough understanding of physical fitness, body dynamics/mechanics and in-depth understanding of body movements in certification preps of NESTA personal training certification courses. Later, followed by Zumba Certification : 2015-2016.​ Pictures in above slideshow.


She conducted following activities -all paid or via Talent Management Companies :

- Several Teen, Pre-teen, Adolscent health-fitness awareness workshops all over DFW - Texas, USA in various montessories, child-activity centers & clinics. Pictures in above slideshow.

- Hiphop fun fitness dance clinics/workshops for young/active adults in Irving, Southlake-Texas, USA. Pics below.

​- 2015, 2016, 2017 : Workshops on Bollywood, Zumba, and Fun-Party-Work Outs for Women. Pictures in above slideshow.

- Fun Workshops for Kids. 40 Kids participated. Pictures in above slideshow.

Non-Profit Activites : 2012 to 2017 :

  • CRY - America Fundraiser Walkathon Warmups and Safety Clinics for Kids, Young Active Adults & Moms. 20 Participants

    • Hetal was a solo sponsor of CRY (Child Rights & You - America) Events in DFW - Texas for whole year for all their events - By Contract.​

  • City of Dallas Various Programs - North Dallas, Texas, USA : 45 Participants | Partly Sponsored 50%.

  • City of Irving Various Programs - Irving, Texas, USA : 30 Participants.

  • New Age Montessori, Irving, Texas, USA. Kids 3 to 6 years old Fun Workshop. My gift to my kids' school.

    • Over 15 kids participated in this fun workshop & games during Valentine's Day. ​

    • Annual Culture Show Diwali.

  • Universal Academy, Coppell - Texas, USA. Entire Staff  & Kids Activity Fairs - once a year : My gift to my kids' teachers.

    • Over 20 staff members attended on an average. Over 50 kids attended the culture fest workshops.

    • Served as PTO events coordinator, Culture Activities-President, Vice President PTO Officer - exclusively by voting from over 1000 votes.

  • American Mensa-USA : Partially Sponsored Event to Hetal for all additional hours. Partial Non-Profit for Mensa-USA. Over 50 Participants for 3 days.

    • Warm Ups by Genre and Differences.

    • Dance Specs discussed, practical workshop & performances as well in each genre :

      • Classical Dances, Folk Dances, Movie-Cinematic - Bollywood/Tollywood Timelines & Drama, Fusion Dance Terminologies And Timelines : Practical and Theory

      • This included some college students who needed theory for their culture-dance thesis/research.​ Received several outstanding recommendations from them when they cleared their thesis upon submission.

***All of my activities require fully signed waivers with full details of participants and insurance requirements, recording and pictures!​

I do not take any events that does not allow waivers or recordings.

​Sports Companies Experience in USA -

  1. Dallas Mustangs - parents training program and sports - training by hours/for all swim meets and events.

  2. Coppell Cruisers - parents volunteer program, for all events.

  3. FASST - Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team - parents program, for all events 

  4. Texas Triple Tough - Athelete Company - 2 weeks.

    1. since I did not want to "play" sports because of permanent my knee injury, i was fired and I am totally cool with it. 

    2. we all are still friends or followers in some or the other social media. may be in future if paths align, we will do something!

Industrial trainings - WIP

When doc asks me, "It has been long time, how are you!" Me = Good. [Me in my mind - I am so eating more apples :) ]
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