With right knowledge, experiments are Fun, Beautiful, Innovative and Harmless!
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Choreography that is performed/taught in different age and level of classes.

Multiple Entry of similar details means performed multiple times with entirely NEW choreography.

The number of songs prepared differently do not relate to the number of performances!

Hetal's Dance Production Glimpse : 
Hetal's Workshops In Each Genre :
  • Paid Workshops at Educational Institutes
  • Volunteer/Fundraiser - CRY America
  • Private Lessons for Master Classes for International Students.
  • Lectures, Demonstrations with various organizations (NOT FUNDRAISERS, NOT CULTURAL EVENTS OR PERFORMANCES)
Hetal's Performances In Each Genre :
  • Paid & Unpaid.
  • Exclusively for educational, research, corporate, professional stage dances only.
  • A few of Nritya Seva/offering to temple.

Hetal's Collaborations w/outside artists : (Outside Grace & Grooves LLC)

  1. Fusion Dance of Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics, Tumble

  2. Garba/Fogana, Minor Age Category 5 to 7

  3. Garba/Fogana, Senior Adults (Young Adults) Category Folk

  4. Play List of my collaborations with outside Artist : Click Here...

  5. 2018 RG2 Productions : Partnership between Raagaleena & Grace and Grooves For Irving, Frisco & Other Locations.

Pictures...and More Details...

To Manifest 100% from your talents & gifts, all you need is Right Knowledge From Right Sources & to know how to implement what/when/on who and know when to stop.

Leadership has it's limitations when people don't listen about importance of right knowledge :)