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 My Performing Arts Specialities:

Broadway - Contemporary
Music Compositions/Re-Compositions
Carnatic, Cinematic Mixes, Sound
Stage Set | Props | Backstage Sets - Coming Soon!
Kshatriya - Martial Arts
(War | Martial | Combat | Defense)

Dance Mainstream Education : Masters in Fine Arts.

  • University : Tamil University-Chennai, India.

  • Education Level : Masters. Check - Dance Linkedin.

  • Education Type : Sponsored Education.

  • Specialization : Bharatanatyam, Theaters/Theatres of India, Dramas, Dance Dramas & Theory of Dance

  • College : TDES - TiruchirappalI Diocesan Educational Society, Trichy & Tamil University.

  • Branch : Don Bosco School Of Arts & Technology-Kilpauk-Chennai, India.

  • Program Info  : 2 Years Masters Program. Recent...

    • Visiting Residency Program : Must come for 25-30 full days at-least 1 of the year (9am to 8pm class - attendance, theory, full costume concert in Bharatanatyam and Musicals, practical dance exams margam and non-margam, nattuvangam, thalam, thesis & research to one of their locations in India.)

    • More Details - Here. Awaiting Certificates - process stalled/slowed down due to covid.

    • Journey of MFA - Check this.  - NEW pictures added!!

And the journey of my performances and teaching in all my genres continue. 

Big Thanks to my teachers for all the knowledge.

Timeline of my Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Rabindra Nruthya Dance Series as well as Dance Dramas is posted below....Started at Age 4.....

Some 3rd Party Time Line App is having problem. Waiting to hear from them about what is going on!

Meanwhile here all the pictures with details are posted by year + major year of productions - Enjoy : Click Here.

More will be posted very soon!

Youtube has my students & my own performances in solo/group, recreational/competition/and freelance collabs by age, by genre, by level, by language, by media submissions and many more. Lot of my past, existing pre-recorded class clips are posted as well.

Do it right, Learn from the right, Balance It right & Do it all life!!!
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