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Fusion Choreography By Hetal Nagaraj

Multiple Entry means performed multiple times with entirely NEW choreography, technique or different fusion concept.

The number of songs prepared differently do not relate to the number of performances.

  All dancers TRAINED exclusively under me except for American Tap/Ballet/Jazz. 


   Exclusive Bharatnatyam Fusion Dance Works in other styles of Bharatnatyam :

  Multiples Styles of Bharatnatyam OR Fusion with Other Dance Forms:

  Students trained in respective styles or forms to show striking differences between the forms and styles.

   Non-Movie or Dance on Indian Classical Repertoire Music (Only Bharatnatyam Styles Mentioned):

  1. Mangalam : Mann Ki Vaani Album : Ages 6, Kalakshetra. Contemporary Bharatnatyam Techniques.

    • Student trained in Classical contemporary techniques for 8 hours to get 45 second of work right.

    • Also, Student of Kalaripayattu, Kshatriyas, Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances by curriculum.

  2.  Om Ganeshai : Ratnabali : Ages 6+ : Adavus of Kalakshetra Vs Pandanallur. Group=10 Students. 4 Kalakshetra.

  3.  Shiv Tandav : Unknown Singer : Ages 8+ Advance Bharatnatyam Students. Kalakshetra+Pandanallur.

  4.  Shlokas : Morning Prayers Album - Age 5+ (Not The Bharatnatyam Shlokas :) Pandanallur+Kalakshetra 

  5.  Chailaji Re - Samarth Setty/Authentic-Bharatnatyam(Kalakshetra) Anya. + Adults (Pandanullar & Kalakshetra)

  6.  Rabindra Nruthya Danceathon : Ages 6 to 35. Dances : Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Creative Classical Movements.

  7.  Edm Series Danceathons : Multiple Styles of Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, Chau & Kshatriyas(Marathas) :

    • By my Graduates ONLY to target particular dance work in Bharatanatyam Margam. 

    Bollywood and Indian Folk Dance Fusions :​

  1. Le Gai : Tap, Jazz, Salsa & Hip-Hop Fusion w/Creative Bollywood Dance. Category : Bollywood, Fusion & Non Classical.

    • All students were Beginner to Intermediate Dancers enrolled in seperate programs and were in pre-competition teams. Selected to nationals. 

  2. Yamuna Tat : Semi-Classical Indian Folk Category : Non-Classical, Folk Dances.

    • Successfully represented as Indian Folk Fusion : performed in Trio, Duet and 2 seperate solo(s) in entirely new choreography. Selected to national. 

    • Dances :Indian Folk Dances (Gujarat). ALL our trained students. Artist Collaborations w/own team

  3. Mor Bani : Folk Fusion - Recital 2017. Category : Fusion/Non Classical. Selected to national level.

    • Dances Forms : Indian Folk by Folk Students and Bollywood Folk by Bollywood Students. ALL our own trained students under me.

  4. Chalka Re : Fusion of Pure Indian Folk & Bollywood Rajasthani Dances to show differences. Category : Non-Classical.​ By Interns under my internships. Selected to nationals.

  5. Bahubali -1 : Semi-Classical, Contemporary, and Indian Folk. Category :  Non-Classical/Classical(selected in both categories). Selected to national level.

    • Classical Forms : Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam & Kshatriyas(Marathas).

  6. Bahubali -2 : Creative Fusion, Dance Drama w/full 4 minute of dance​ as all of above. All students trained in their own categories. Selected to national level.

    • Category :  Non-Classical or Bollywood. ​Classical Forms : Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam, Yoga & Kshatriyas(Marathas).


ALL the nationals indian dance competitions that we did not go was only due to sudden date change & thus clashes in ISD activities or exams & all are out usually out of town.


           Exclusive Fusion Dance Productions & Dance glimpse at : 

A reality check : Style of a dance form is still identifiable as dance form
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