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Beautiful people are born in beautiful countries....Where are you born ?

Reason for not joining Big screen / Television / Movies - 

  1. The influence of educational/institutional/organizational performing arts with established infrastructure was stronger in my environment/family. The side of family where traditional art forms and LIVE stage shows have more value and respect as compared to just a contribution to entertainment industry. My other side / half of family in the entertainment big screen and show businesses, a few with their own musical LIVE bands too.

  2. In my high school years, I struggled with time management. Life was very early to me. That made me realize that in future, I wanted to have a life that I can control with a schedule in multiple fields. Education & Fields comes to me like a piece of cake. yes, we are very successful in our educational fields as well and so I never felt the need for any auditions. Back then, in movies, the dances and performing arts were way too basic for a skilled dancer.

  3. My performing arts field dominates because I started early at the age of 13 in this field in a dance drama by contract. By the time I started my formal education after 12th grade, I was established in performing arts with institutional gigs and my first batch graduated under me at 19. It was always part time until 2019.​ This allowed me to succeed in other fields.

  4. By 19, i was independent with business partnerships in 3 fields and so it was not really ok to me to do any audition. I questioned myself, why will I go for auditions with my own capacity to do it all. As a business woman too, I had consistent returns in performing arts with the type of success & my skills/expertise that I have. Back then in movies, women did not have main roles or use of performing arts as dance was literally none.
  5. As a skilled dancer who was/is getting paid per show or by dance and all the other gigs, I found it more exciting to do LIVE shows than just movie life that was introduced to me by my family with lighted paths. 
  6. My all types of awards -
  7. Among my few fields that I have never worked for anybody. All the collabs are listed.
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