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Personal Recommendations Submitted for Hetal Nagaraj In Dance Field: 

Not upset to leave Dallas but very sad to leave classes. Your choreography got us first prize in community competition again this time. But that is not why I am leaving you a recommendation. Today my daughter was asked by her teachers to apply for advance grade courses in her school. While filling forms first thing that my daughter told me that she wants to make you proud! She is the same girl who used to struggle w/grades 3 years ago, had inferiority complex & stage was the last thing she wanted to step on. Having tried several choreographers in name of folk, bollywood & classical dances, we had almost given up when my daughter refused to dance. Being a classical dancer myself for over 9 years in India, I wanted my girls to learn at least some form of dance if not classical. With Ms. Joshi, my daughters would look forward to indian folk dance lessons. We were surprised and happy. What I liked most is the originality in her choreography. Any true dance form always has 3 elements. It is Natya, Nritya & Nritta (Drama, Steps & Expressions). One of these elements cannot complete a successful choreography. Specially for classical & folk dance forms. A dance choreography is born when everything is put together appropriately to best fit the subject. And I love how she is able to put techniques, expressions & dramatic effects in her dances. 3 years of group as well as private combination classes & I have got back the girls I always wanted. From their graceful behavior, education & dance skills;my both the daughters are ahead of everyone in their age group. I strongly recommend lessons from Ms. Joshi to anyone who is looking for dance as fun activity or for competitions. When you take lessons from her, just give your child to her and you will see how your child will thrive over the time not only in the field of performing arts but in every aspect of life. We were in Dallas for 13 years and now we are in a different country(not India). But, the only thing my kids are upset about is leaving dance classes & their school. Ms. Joshi has gifted them the most valuable gifts that not many dance teachers give. That being said, we miss her presence. I also happen to see our social media page and website today and it is very beautiful. Everyone has done a great job. - Neha S, Irving-Texas (Private & Group Lessons-Age Group: 7-9, 9-13). Neha Sharma Shah. 2009-2012

OMG! We will love to give you a feedback about your workshops. Our members loved all the workshops given by you. They were amongst the most highly rated workshops. Thank you so much for contributing your time and sharing your knowledge with Mensa AG. - Mensa Organizer ( American Mensa Gathering) - American Mensa (All Workshops Given by Hetal Nagaraj).

A childhood friend, a mentor and a fabulous personality. I know her ever-since our first steps of dance lessons, that we took together at Darpana, Ms.Minalben Oza, and many other dance schools. She has been our family friend and later, our dance teacher for all our family functions, private group parties as well as my kids school performances, even before she was professionally teaching it. I am amazed to see how her love and passion for dance & music have taken her to a whole new level of choreography and now a dance company. Her choices of dress,makeup and choreography is very rich and unique. My relatives, family friends have absolutely loved the way she has organized our lessons with busy schedules and yet made it easy to learn. My family will recommend her lessons to anyone, who is interested in learning dance professionally or just for family functions. And when it comes to Ms. Joshi's lessons, you are never too late to LEARN dance or perform. My family wishes her a very good luck for her future endeavors and challenges. We will continue to take lessons and ideas of intricate choreography from her. My kids are already excited about our next upcoming performance that we have planned to do with Ms.Joshi through Skype. : R. Sheth (Hetal's Dance Class Friend)  2011-2013.

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