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Hetal's Leadership Specialities :

 International Certified Trainer 

Leadership Success Achievements as of Dec - 2021 Exclusive to Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj :

  1. Performing Arts :

    • As of 2021 March : : From 1 brand to 28+ brand and unbeatable record in all genres, all International. Taught more than 2500 students, more than 80 grads in DFW-Texas, USA..Read more on website!

  2. Non-Profit Success - Cqunce : Success.

  3. Institutional - Educational Leadership Success :

    • ​Performing Arts : Graduates 

    •  Information Technology Graduates : Paid Internship Programs - Earn while you learn programs.

      • Yes, I take projects and I train w/hands-onn internship programs for fresh grads, all levels internships, teens/youth programs - 2014 to Dec 2023 :

      1. Prushti Dave - online account management system, backup-systems, inventory system, e-commerce wholesale ordering via website, website integrations for all 3 websites and mailing systems. Success.

      2. sites under Hetal Joshi M: 6 websites : php, plug-ins, java, html, bootstrap web development, integrations, admin logs, compliance, icloud and word press plugins as per usa standards. Success.

      3. Mansi Chauhan - Elites Only - mailing systems, database management for competitions and submissions, inventory maintenance online, integrations, on-boarding admin-accounts, submission portals/integrations & signups. Success.

      4. Taylor Hayes - mailing systems, website content clearance under me, on-boarding accounts, online documentation, brand subscriptions & online data management. Success.

      5. Marchawn Franklin : mailing systems & database management for customers only, website content clearance under me, on-boarding accounts & online documentation, online call integration system via mailing systems, triggering seo content keywords and services. Success.

      6. Nirja Setty : Elites Only - mailing systems, database management for clients and customers, inventory maintenance online, integrations, on-boarding admin-accounts, educational facilty portals, online waivers, submission portals/integrations & signups. Success.

      7. Digvijay Singh : Meta Dashboards, Google Dashboards & Google Admin, Digital Asset Management, Monetizing, All Integrations, brand subscriptions, Scheduling & auto-mailing system, Database management for clients and customers, inventory mainteance online, on-boarding admin-accounts & submission verification. Success.

      8. Jinal Shah : Online payments, on-boarding admin-accounts, submission verification and submissions, portfolio management for sites and client portals, subscriptions and services, page integrations, google-dashboards, verified digital marketeer, verified seo service provider, online ticketing systems on our affiliate sites. Success.

      9. Saumya Bhardwaj Kaur :  on-boarding admin-accounts and integrations within accounts, submission portals/integrations & signups. Saumya Failed to follow & FIRED. 8 months! Did not follow directions as per legal requirements, messed all existing accounts, created dual accounts without integrating + loss of 30K$ to company as of Feb 2023.

  4. Commercial | Industrial | Business Leadership Success : Coming Soon!

  5. Management & Various Administration :

  6. Information Technology - Commercial | Project Based :

    • mentoring, php, plug-ins, java, html, bootstrap web development, integrations, admin logs, compliance and usa standards : Prushti Dave.

    • Other IT projects as below.

Institutional | Educational - Collaborations + Partnerships + Volunteer + Leadership Success :

  • Grace And Grooves Company Programs & Events : 116 Programs & Counting as of April 2023.

  • Ms Hetal is a former vice president PTO for more than 2 schools for consecutive 5 years back to back.

  • Ms. Hetal is a former parent co-ordinator for 2 montessori schools as well for 3 years, back to back. ( 5 programs a year so 15 programs in montessori )

  • An average of about 12 programs in an academic year in ISD or charter school, all handled and executed by Ms. Hetal

    • From start to finish as a PTO event coordinator -> PTO culture head -> PTO program head -> PTO vice president (by election) .

    • Programs and Events :

      • new staff on-boarding program, PTO committee election program, school board program, fall festival, thanksgiving program, christmas program, spring program, dad and donuts program, mommy & me coffee program, fundraising school program, school annual art & talent display, end of the year program and teachers’ appreciation luncheons, meal testing program for vegans/special foods/meat preps, destination imagination, science fairs and stem programs.

  • More than 75 programs successfully delivered under Hetal Joshi M for / at – 3 different ISD / Charter schools in 5 years :

    • dance / drama / theater / theatre is always an important part of it.

    • Some events such as appreciation week lasts for 5 days with activities through out the day for various entertainment purposes for teachers depending on sponsors and students.

Specialities :

Youth Programs, Women Upbringing, Business Establishments, Co-Op,  Personality Development, Industrial Requirements-Industry Setup, Re-hab and Mental Health - Suicide/Drugs/Recovery Therapy-Medical, Employment, Education, Entrepreneurship Development, Journalism/Case Study Evaluation, Psychology, Corporate Leadership, Professional Leadership, Infrastructure, Business Leadership, Sustainable Resource Training/Generation/Creation, Business Intelligence, Analytics & Performance Training, Training & Development Training Modules, Business Law, Trainings for Low Performance Teams, Program Management  - Educational Leadership.

Other Areas : Resource/Talent/Labor/Employee Allocation Recruitment/Retainment/Training & Protocols, Market Trends & Marketing, Appreciation & Rewards, Motivation & Upliftment, Team Building & Leadership.

Corporate Scholarship Earned From :

Corporate Training Program Led By Parent Company :

Apprentice Program at Company @ India :

Program | Course Name :

Developing Young Leaders by AMA - IIM - A (Ahmedabad)

Corporate Module - 3 Days Eligibility Tests

    • Emotional Intelligence, IQ, Common Aptitude, General Knowledge

    • 1.5 Years Training-Classes.

    • Roughly 1 year of internships w/full time job - Reliance Industries - Telecom


Program at the following  :

Ahmedabad Management Assocation | IIM - A - Campus - Ahmedabad, India ( Indian Institute Of Management )

Cleared CAT for IIM :

  • Accepted in IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Culcutta/Kolkatta Esteemed Universities such as XLRI-Jameshedpur, ICFAI Apprentice programs and Symbiosis-Pune and several others.

Leadership Mastered with 100% Results : All of Above + Open Source Leadership, Delegatory Leadership.

Program Lead By :

Rajshekharan(AMA-Ahmedabad Management Association, IIM-A), Prof. B.H. Jajoo (IIM-A & Founding Member of under the leadership of Narendra Modi), Manish Shrivastav (Intern-Coordinator & Training & Development Department Head at Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company), Parimal Gandhi - Independent Corporate Elite - Management Trainer (UK, Europe, India) & Chief Head-Trainers from Old Mutual Inc. (South Africa).

Visiting Faculties & Project | Internships | Lectures :

Karsanbhai Patel (Nirma), Ambubhai Patel (Ambuja Cement), Prakash Nayak (Vice President Sales), Manodeep Chakravarthy (Sales Head), Elites from Reliance Industries, Class A Officers from Industry Department - Govt & Class A Officers from Govt - Corporation Teams(Class A/Grade 1/Grade A/Class 1=Elites), Elite Teams from Mumbai - Kotak Bank & Insurance.

** Earned first paid-internships-job with Reliance Industries / Telecom - Ahmedabad, India.

** Earned special invite to various programs at Old Mutual Head Office - Johannesburg - South Africa - instead opted educational scholarships :).

** Earned special invite to establish Old Mutual Kotak Mahindra Office in New York, USA along with other officials - instead opted for raise in my designation :).

** Internships of Training Programs At Baroda Management Association & at Ahmedabad Management Association.

Scholarship earned via Targets & Accomplishments - Achieved Single Handed To Make A Difference & Innovation : 

  1. Internships : Corporate-Sales - Overshooted Monthly Targets for straight 3 months under leadership of Manodeep Chakravarti. 

  2. Established Company's and Center's First/New In-bound Call Center - Single Handed (Microsoft Products). CRM model.

  3. First-Followup Lead Generation System for All Sales Managers - System, Protocol and Followup - Single Handed (Microsoft Products).

  4. Sales Managers' Performance, Targets & Future Target Markups & Analysis : Single Handed (Microsoft Products)

  5. Created Company's Very First Database Management System - Single Handed (Microsoft Products)

  6. Worksheets for calculations for all 35 Sales Managers to avoid complex calculations over calculators other than in-build company systems & automized their performance analysis - such as live-reporting to main branch under the leadership of Manodeep Chakravarthi.

***(Specialization in Microsoft Products - Information Technology)

**Brought Regional Status to Ahmedabad from Mumbai under leadership of Manodeep Chakravarti & Prakash Nayak - Ahmedabad, India. (Sales Head & VP-Vice President Sales)

** Establishment of Bhavnagar Branch/Gujarat/India along with lead Advisors under leadership of Manodeep Chakravarti & Prakash Nayak. Visited along with whole team during establishment to setup all of above.

Hetal's Training, Development & Education Field started as early at her 11th grade.

More Pictures : Work In Progress.

Recommendation Letters, Scholarships, Invite Letters & Fun Pictures. Infact, if you are on my facebook or social media, they are very much there...See their tags and face :).

Recommendations followed by Scholarship Invite/Letters - Work In Progress.

Fun Facts By Hetal's Peers In This Training With High Recommendations :

Karsanbhai Patel (Nirma) : Hetal will create her own space.

Prakash Nayak : Hetal is like a fast baller. You will get hurt if you come in her way....She won't stop (until she achieves).

Rajshekharan - AMA : Train hetal and she will excel her teachers!

Parimal Gandhi - Corp Trainer: Amongst my best! Proud of you.

I'll be damned if I don't achieve what I need/my goals....I will achieve it anyways! Living A Planned Life & Thus the Trainings/Skills !!

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