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Classical Dance Specializations : Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, Chhau 

Indian Classical Dance Trainings :
  • Pre-Elementary Bharatanatyam : Dance Dramas Classical Repertoire 1982 : Age 4 : Formal Trainings of introducing Indian Drama started at the age of 4 from her mother Lt. Daksha M Joshi(Non-Commercial Classical Drama Artist - Dance Drama)

  • Bharatanatyam : 1984 : Bharatanatyam Trainings From her mother Lt. Daksha M Joshi (Non-Commercial Clasiscal Drama Artist - Dance Dramas): Style: Sadir/Sathir/Ancient Bharatanatyam. Completed in 1990.

  • Bharatanatyam : 1984-85 : Age 6 : Formal Bharatnatyam Training started with Ms. Daksha. V. Joshi. Style : Kalakshetra Style. Completed & Started Internships in 1996.​​

  • Professional Kathak :97, 98: Professional Kathak Courses Lucknow and Jaipur Gharaanaa/Alternately. 40 hour trainings / Choreo, Application for Fusion.

  • Bharatanatyam : 2015: Advance Bharatnatyam Knowledge from Guru.Smt.Rama Vaidyanathan(held by NrithyaDhwani-Dallas 2015). Thillana & Above, Post Arangetram Dances.

  • Bharatanatyam : 2015: Natyam & Nritta Knowledge from Guru.Smt.Niraliben Thakore and Guru.Shri.Chandanbhai Thakore (Nrithyabharati "Bharatnatyam"-Ahmedabad-India 2015).

  • Kalaripayattu : 2015 : Kalaripayattu - Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, Ahmedabad-India. Beginners To Intermediate, Intermediate to Advance.

  • Chhau : 2015 : Completed Chhau with dance drama props and costumes. 

  • Degree : Masters in Fine Arts. 

    • Year of Completion: 2018. Status : Awaiting Certificates. University : Tamil University-Chennai, India. Education Level : Masters. Check - Dance Linkedin. Education Type : Sponsored Education. Specialization : Bharatanatyam, Theaters/Theatres of India, Dramas, Dance Dramas & Theory of Dance. College : TDES - TiruchirappalI Diocesan Educational Society, Trichy & Tamil University. Branch : Don Bosco School Of Arts & Technology-Kilpauk-Chennai, India. Program Info  : 2 Years Masters Program. Visiting Residency Program : Must come for 25-30 full days at-least 1 of the year (9am to 8pm class - attendance, theory, full costume concert in Bharatanatyam and Musicals, practical dance exams margam and non-margam, nattuvangam, thalam, 2 exam papers and 2 practicals on Folk Dances of India, Creative Dances and Theater/Theatres with thesis & research to one of their locations in India.) Journey of MFA - Check this. 

    • Instructors : Jaykishan/Jaykrishnan Ambadi : Graduate of Kalakshetra Foundation-Chennai, India.

    • Thesis & Dissertation Mentor & Program Guide : Dr. Marie Stella - PHD/Scholar at Tamil University & Owner of Kalai Aalayam Dance Institute, Pondicherry, India.

    • Program often compared to Harvard Level when it comes to intensity of dances, dance materials, thesis, practices and requirements to get in program.

Dance List :

 Bharatnatyam Dances that are performed/taught in different age and level of classes.

Multiple Entry of similar compositions means performed multiple times with entirely NEW choreography.

These are successfully performed in various audiences.

The number of songs prepared differently do not relate to the number of performances!


  1. Bharatnatyam Pushpanjali And Guru Vandana– (Arangetram Work). Hetal Nagaraj. Duet-Students.

  2. Bharatnatyam Introductory Pushpanjali Level (Non-Arangetram Work). Hetal Nagaraj. Group-Students.

  3. Bharatnatyam on Krishna Shabhdam By Hemamalini-ji (Pure Carnatic Composition in Ragam Mohana from Movie Nupur. Movie has Kuchipudi). Hetal Nagaraj. Solo.

  4. Bharatnatyam Allaripu-(Arangetram Work) Hetal Nagaraj. Solo

  5. Bharatnatyam Shlokas and Stroram Year 1 (Arangetram Work) Hetal Nagaraj. Group - Students.    

  6. Bharatnatyam Jatiswaram – Hetal Nagaraj. Solo.

  7. Bharatantyam-Jal Kamal (Jatiswaram Level-Lyrical)- Hetal Nagaraj. Choreography of Sir. Chandan Thakore, Smt. Nirali Thakre.  Solo.

  8. Bharatnatyam Thillana - Hetal Nagaraj. Solo.

  9. Bharatnatyam Allaripu - Hetal Nagaraj. Students.

  10. Introductory Bharatnatyam-Shlokas – Hetal Nagaraj – Students, Beginner. (Pre-Elementary Bharatnatyam).

  11. Introductory Bharatnatyam-Shlokas and Strotram – Hetal Nagaraj – Students, Beginner, Lewisville Texas. (Elementary Bharatnatyam)

  12. Bharatnatyam Allaripu, Choreography & Choreographer: Hetal Nagaraj. Group-Students.

  13. Bharatnatyam Thillana. Choreography of Rama Vaidynathan. Student-Solo. 3rd Place+Cleared Other-Auditions.

    • Student and Hetal both have taken trainings from Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan for some of her master choreography works.

  14. Bharatnatyam Pushpanjali. Hetal Nagaraj. Student-3rd Place.​

  15. Bharatnatyam Abhinaya-Navrasa Exclusive : Tribute to Gujarati Sahitya. 

  16. Bharatnatyam Invocations 1 Compositions of Krishnamoorthy. Inspired works of Lt. Smt. Daksha M Joshi. Students Plano Texas. Choreographer/Choreography: Hetal Nagaraj.

  17. Bharatnatyam Invocations 2 Compositions of V. Krishnamoorthy. Inspired works from Mrinalini Sarabhai. Choreographer/Choreography Hetal Nagaraj. Concept-Dhaksha M Joshi.

  18. Bharatanatyam Annamarcharya Kreethis : Click Here For All Glimpse.

  19. Chhau : Lecture Demonstration & Workshops on Classical Dance Forms at American Mensa. Hetal Nagaraj, Solo. Click Here.

  20. Kalaripayattu : Hetal Nagaraj - Solo, Students - Lewisville - Texas. 

  21. Kalaripayattu : Hetal Nagaraj - Group, Students - Plano/Frisco-Texas.  Glimpse.

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