Folk Dances of India showcased successfully....

Indian Folk Dance Trainings : 
  • MFA Degree : 2 Exam Papers, 2 Practical Exam/Demo in Indian Folk Dances, Creative Dances, Literature Dances with full theory by region and by state. 
  • Indian Folk Dance Trainings, Internships, Teaching of 35 years practical experience / with full theory.
  • ​Indian Folk Dances Trainings of over 15 years(non.stop) and learned each Indian Folk Dance as a DANCE FORM with several styles and variations. Some of popular Indian folk dances are: Bhangra, Gidda, Dandiya, Raas, Gagar, Sambalpuri, Kshetriya, Kallaripatt-Kalaripayattu, Kolattam, Padayani, Koli, India's Tribal Dances, KummiAdi(Kummiadi), Bihu, Chirmi, Garba-Garbha, Dodhiyu, Lavani, Tippani, Garbi, Ghummar/Ghoomar/Ghoommar, Teratalli, Tera talli, Kalbelia, Garbi, Kumari and many more. Trainings did not stop after 15 years either with continuous mentorship.
    • 1999, 2000, 2015: Exclusive Indian Folk-Dance Trainings from Guru. Smt. Mallikaben Sarabhai & several other respected teachers of/at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts (Ahmedabad)

    • 1999: Navrang and Sri Sharada Kala Mandir for pure folk, fusion art forms and theater plays.

    • 1999: She started her journey as a freelance choreographer and have performed/competed or choreographed successfully some of the best Indian dance competitions in exclusive folk, bharatnatyam and Bollywood since then. She started her journey from Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India, Michigan, Kansas and now in Dallas-Fortworth Areas of Texas.

    • 1980s-90s: Guru. Smt. Minalben Oza and own mainstream schools(click here for her schools) (Gujarat Folk Guru-Gandhinagar Late 80s/90s).

      • 1983 to 1998: She was introduced to non-Gujarati folk dances in her own schools-Mt.CarmelSt.Xaviers (Gandhinagar) representing various states of India where school/visiting faculties trained students with in-depth knowledge of folk dances and variations associated with it.

  • Collaborations : 2013: Fogana, assisting under strict supervision of Induben Mangrola for multiple Fogana Age Groups And Categories. 3rd prize adults/sr.folk/Garbha. Video - Click Here.

All Styles of the following Indian Folk Dances : 

...ALL Stage Dances Only...

  • Bhagra(all)

  • Gidda(all)

  • Dandiya, Raas

  • Gagar

  • Sambalpuri

  • Kshetriya(All)

  • Kolattam,

  • Padayani,

  • Koli

  • India's Tribal Dances

  • Kummi Adi(Kummiadi)

  • Bihu

  • Chirmi

  • Garba, Garbha​ 

  • Dodhiyu

  • Lavani

  • Tippani

  • Garbi

  • Ghummar/Ghoomar/Ghoommar

  • Teratalli, Tera talli

  • Kalbelia(all styles)

  • Garbi

  • Kumari

  • Bhavai(all styles)

  • Chari(all styles)

  • Sambalpuri(all styles)

  • Dodhiyu-across

  • Chau(all styles) 

  • And Many More....

Stage Indian Folk Dances of following regions and States of Indian have been successfully delivered, competed and won with qualified judges mastering in Indian Folk Dances and Dance Forms or by Department of Tourism -India with purely technique focused dances & creativity.

Tribal Dances of these States and regions have been showcased as well in front of audiences from Culture Departments to Tourism Department of Gujarat & India.Selected for several well-respected Indian Dance Competitions & Graduates in each folk dance as a form (with styles).

(Not to be mistaken with creative folk, cultural dances/entertainment, festival dances.)


States got divided but people remained same and so did everything else!

  • Andhra Pradesh

  • Arunachal Pradesh

  • Assam

  • Bihar

  • Chhattisgarh

  • Goa

  • Gujarat

  • Haryana

  • Himachal Pradesh

  • Jammu & Kashmir

  • Jharkhand

  • Karnataka

  • Kerala

  • Madhya Pradesh

  • Maharashtra

  • Manipur

  • Meghalaya

  • Mizoram

  • Odisha (Orissa)

  • Punjab

  • Rajasthan

  • Sikkim

  • Tamil Nadu

  • Telangana (from June 2, 2014)

  • Tripura

  • Uttar Pradesh

  • Uttarakhand

  • West Bengal