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Commercial - Fabric & Textile Work :

Commerical ( Commercial Industrial Setup )not to confuse with handmade 

Our Journey to Our Brand : Jazz It Up! Wholesale Costume Supplier from 2015.

  • Commercial Fabric and Textile mentorship, knowledge and guidance under Lt. Shri Vidyashankar Trivedi (Textile Manager, Engineer & Chemistry Scholar/Scientist).

    • Hetal was introduced to fabric and textiles by Lt. Shri Vidyashankar Trivedi when he saw Hetal playing with loose threads and putting them together in beautiful patterns at the age of 8 years. He started teaching Hetal, the knowledge of textile, fabric & chemistry behind chemicals used in textile industry. 

    • By teenage years, Hetal had started created her own clothes and would wear them for the fun of it! She had her own tailor(s) and team of people in 2 different cities(Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad) by the age of 15 who would follow exactly what she would tell and samples were made. They were also the ones who would add fashion to the fabric to prepare samples for sale to manufacturers.

    • She was also supplier to 3 boutiques in India for textile and fabric materials. They are still Hetal's team - their 2nd generation!

    • Till date, most of her traditional/ethnic clothing that she has owns or worn are the ones that she has supplied as samples to suppliers in India. Since most of her teen years were in India, she designed textile and fabric for saris/dress materials/casuals/formals/and as per climatic conditions of India or as per order of suppliers.

    • She learned, mastered and practiced the following skill sets under Shri Vidyashankar Trivedi : determining thread count, fabric & textile styling (not to confuse with fashion designing), styles of textiles, textile-fabric patch work, textile-fabric binding, weaving methods, production & setup of infrastructure, thread count calculations, textile & fabric processing, textile & fabric patterns, dye mixes & chemical processing, fabric & textile dyes, thread combinations and testing, wholesale and by stock request, formulas and process, texture / patterns vs thread count, light effects and chemical process, wash-pre-wash-stone wash and factory chemical wash, metal use and hybrids/synthetic, use of rubber, plastic and other materials in textile & fabric, thread/yard treatment & post treatment process, use of wax on fabric/textile, packaging and retail, determining particular fabric or textile for particular design of request.

    • All of above for all types of threads, yarns, silk, metal wires, synthetic materials as well as by-products.

  • She also mastered, practiced and learned the following in her school years as well as under the training of Lt. Daksha V Trivedi - All Commerical Stitch Work : Advance stitching techniques with/without machine to embroidery, machine installations/industrial textile designing, cloth/fabric recognition/thread count, artificial-patchworks, embossing, mirror, carpet needling, & gem work on fabric/textile.

  • When Shri Vidyashankar Trivedi passed away, Hetal inherited all of his life project work during his commercial journey as textile manager and engineer along with all the formulas that she still uses till date, as needed. According to Mr. Trivedi, only Hetal knew how to use them and so it was a special request to his family members to be given exclusive to Hetal only.

Hetal continued taking projects on these on freelance basis.


She uses her knowledge of textile and fabrics for commercial costumes as well as educational category of performing arts-costumes & props. This is how Jazz it Up By Hetal Joshi M started in 2015-2016 as wholesale costume supplier for outside businesses too;

creating a self-sustaining model for performing arts schools within USA.

More than 10 dance schools all over USA from Bharatanatyam, Folk Dances of India, Bollywood & Hiphop has benefitted from her products and services. She prepares samples(on her own with all specification of fabrics/textiles & designs) in USA and gets them made outside and sometimes in DFW-Texas itself. Final-product get the final touch-ups here in USA.

She has her own interns too here who are taught to do that work as well :). 

She has designed on hourly basis for some dance schools as well. Most of them in her own networks!

She proudly labels them, Made in USA.

Dance Props & Back Stage Sets - Commercial | Drama | Stage Shows  - Coming Soon!

Collective pictures of my samples-costumes as below. More details for mass production specs will be given as required in all formats - please email me for quotes : More designs available & Work In Progress too.

Fun Facts :

I designed entire fabric & dress for my marriage to match with planned theme Nakshatra aka *constellations or universe in itself*. Nakshatra dressing theme was inspired from jewelry collection group/brand known in Asia & Middle East. It took me total of 8 months to get the fabric manufactured - just the way i wanted and complete work on it for 12 dresses. 2 couple sets for each occassion & total of about 6 sets. Various tailors were hired to do diff work - my teams' gift to me.  The designs & specs were then sold to mumbai's top designer - retail chain as well for mass production! I donated the whole amount as my gift for education in orphange. 

Give me threads & I'll cover your naked body - Hetal Joshi M

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