Designing Works : 
  • Learned my first set of craft lessons for making props, puppet-making (dolls, stuffed animals, hand puppets, gem paintings) and later costumes, stonework from my mom and I never looked back then. If I wasn't lucky enough, my schools had all which I could learn under one roof in classes such as decorative crafts for festivals, drawing classes, value-education as part of school hours or at times after-school periods/classes.

  • From advance stitching techniques with/without machine to embroidery, cloth recognition, patchworks of different kinds, gem work, purse making, candle-making, soap moulds, etc. We had it all. Every year, my school had several programs and we would participate in that for extra marks counted towards the final results and extra-curricular. 

  • For all these events, it was not always possible to go to Ahmedabad to get what we wanted and as required and so we were taught to make them or work with local domestic women group(most of which were widows), local craftsmen and such other under-privileged community groups to take our projects by teaching their girls to make a living from these project works. Unused items from all of these activities were donated back to them.

Very very blessed to be from schools such as Mt. Carmel School and St. Xavier's High School, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

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