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Hiphop Background : See Me performing/teaching in above videos, Part 1 2012 to 2019.

  • 2012 started journey of bollywood hiphop by teaching strength & conditioning class of well-versed break-dancers(Hritik Series/Dhoom) at Mustang Recreation Center for Adults(Irving), Disco - Boys Only, and then hiphop from recreational levels to pre-competitions.

  • See some excerpts here of one the batches that won non-stop 2 awards. Same group : 0:04

  • Some excerpts of take home video by students themselves here at Mustang Recreation Center at 4:17.

  • 2014-2015 Mastered Hiphop/Urban, Jazz, Creative Movements - Dance Council, Coppell Dance Centre - Beginners to Intermediate, Intermediate.Instructors : Keith Green, Ms Kim, Marcella. By 2016, she mastered intermediate to advance with various master level workshops, practice at dance council of North Texas. Keith Green's ALL workshops.

  • Students are taught until now, Recreational & Beginners ages 5 to 10 In Bollywood/Tollywood & Hiphop Categories. Intermediate and Advance Work in progress!

Read More about my trainings :  Here.

Performances : Hiphop Fusions successfully performed & competed as well in genre.

Specialities : Hiphop Urban, Hiphop Tutting, Disco, Bollywood Hiphop(Hiphop on Bollywood dances or own remix music), Folk-Fusion w/ Hiphop, Bharatanatyam w/hiphop.

Her love for fusions started in 1999 and she still does it. Grace Creations-A Fusion Dance Company in 2013.

Check her Fusion masterpieces HERE.

Competitions : Indian & Non-Indian Dance Competitions,

Categories : Hiphop, Recreational/Amateur, Pre-Competition, Competition, Open, Fusion. 

Genre : Hiphop. Participants : Solo, Duets & Group.

Winners of several indian and non-indian dance competitions. Won so far 5 competitions just in Hiphop.

Read About Competitions : Here.

Songs/Danceathons/Remixes & OWN music for Hiphop :

Dil To Paagal Hai Series,

Dhoom Series,

Allu Arjun Danceathons,

A R Rahman Danceathons,

EDM mixes,

Remix by Hetal Nagaraj-MichealJacksonDangerous,

Fusion Mixes by Hetal Nagaraj,

Shape of You Dancethons,

JLo/Beyonce Medleys,

Shiamak Davar Signature Style dances/Hiphop Fusion,


ALL students are fully trained in all dance forms.

Age group brand new 5 year olds to Teens & Adults. She has given several workshops, trainings in schools, colleges and universities as well as organizations and has also offered curriculum based dances & workshops in various ISD/charter and private schools with full waivers, forms and full recordings.

Facebook : Click Here.

Twitter : Here.

Do you know ? In order to at-least get 1 win for 1 genre, you have to submit at-least 1 student or group or for audition for at-least 1 dance in 1 category/genre ?

Do the math, how many I/my students must have submitted per competition & per genre to create a record of 10+ years of history in all genres, with technique based non-voting educational competitions :) .

See my elites who have done that....

Competition Rubrics..Read This.

See Me performing/teaching in BELOW, Part 2 | With Mirchi Dance Academy At Grace And Grooves Group

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