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Performing Arts Collaborations Outside Grace And Grooves LLC

Hetal's Collaborations w/outside artists or companies:

(Outside Grace & Grooves LLC)

  1. Fusion Dance of Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics, Tumble :

  2. Garba/Fogana, Minor Age Category 5 to 7

  3. Garba/Fogana, Senior Adults (Young Adults) Category Folk

  4. Play List of my collaborations with outside Artist : Click Here.

  5. 2015-2018 : Dancers Workshop : Lewisville, Texas : Collab for Hiphop, Contemporary / Bollywood Songs - Ages 8 to 10, and Young Adults - Part of their annual showcases at MCL Grand Center, Lewisville for City of Lewisville. 40mins Run Time.

  6. 2018 RG2 Productions : Partnership between Raagaleena & Grace and Grooves For Irving, Frisco & Other Locations.

    • The partnership was for certain locations, inventory, costumes, ideas, presentations, choreography/creative aspects within genres, accessories, gigs, promotions and certain list of activities with mutual existing locations of each brands (along with RG2's independent location/classes as a brand).

    • G2 was never RG2. RG was abbreviation of Raagaleena. Grace and grooves was G1 and its operations were independent with its own strength and thus were not disturbed and thus G2 was subset letter as an addition.

    • Similarly, Raagaleena's operation were independent of its own as well and thus RG2 name was set for this partnership. 

    • Under Swapna Raagaleena exclusively as her crew - Tulasi at Frisco FM423 RG2 launch classes. Hiphop and Bollywood/Both Seperate.

      • RG2 was dissolved and RG2 Frisco FM423 students were transferred to Tulasi while hetal's/my batches continued as is​ in my own strength.

      • Personally, Hetal/I has never worked with Tulasi or Tulasi was never under me for "anything" and was exclusively led by Swapna and that includes his payouts, if any.

    • Under Hetal exclusively as her crew - all the staff people mentioned on site + company launch programs - Sindhu, Deepthi, Ashna, Mansi, Manoj Darpana-Ahmedabad, Neetu-Kalakshetra/Chennai, Nirja, Samarth, Akhil, Kavni, Sanj**** and all of these students/elites/pre.elites were exclusively led by Hetal Joshi M/Hetal Nagaraj and were never led by Swapna and that includes their payouts if any. Personally, Swapna has never worked with either of them for anything.
    • RG2 Launch production was mutually exclusive to both swapna and Hetal since all were adult/13+trained dancers, all advance teams were combined.
    • It was co-partner model of leadership Hetal/Swapna with respective teams and its independent existence as brand.

    • G2 aka G2 Dance Factory was also individual independent performing group of tap/jazz/ballet/gymnasts/acro with indian dance fusions from Grace Creations led by Nirja/Samarth Setty's parents ( under my instruction, supervision and leadership as one of the performing teams and commercial groups for local gigs (and was established from 2013). About this brand its mentioned.

      • All students in this group of Grace Creations were performing or competitive students of Ballet Academy of Texas, Dancers Workshop(Lewisville-its studio name), Coppell Dance Center, Texas Gymnastics/Acro and Artistic Yoga and wanted to do something more than just the Indian Dances and thus, Grace Creations fusion team was born from it.

      • Thus, I took Hiphop, Broadway classes and other Non.indian dance classes to do MORE & to be able to lead.

      • This made RG2 collab/partnership super easy with hiphop as common ground.

    • Paid Promotion(first official sponsorship by RG2) Funasia Radio/Saumil(Sam)Thakkar, Ek Nazar.
    • Status : Brand was dissolved in 8 months. Reason - personal reasons of ms swapna & ms swapna discontinued bollywood, hiphop.

      • We both are still friends and often exchange info of programs and other activities.

      • Hetal continues to offer bollywood, hiphop and cinematography trainings in her programs.

      • RG2 was dissolved and students were transferred to Tulasi while hetal's batches continued as is​.

    • Videos of dances done together or classes done together - NOT Used anywhere. Read here.

    • FB page was finally deactivated in 2021 Jan as FB finally allowed it - Enjoy the screenshots.

  7. Collabs with Reachh Mediaa Artists as External Choreographers 
  8. 2021-Independent Brand / Extended Brand of Grace Creations Fusion Company(formed in 2013) and partner w/ -
    • Own Brand Collab of Hired Artists (external artists by contract/hourly) for other sister brand workshops such as Grace Creations Fusioin Company, Catalog Design, and other projects of my own clients (other than company) w/Ms. Anna from my own G2 Dance Factory.

  9. 2022 - Latin mix collab with latin couple dances w/Ms. maria(waltz with mixed flairs). Carrollton, texas.

Pictures...and More Details...

Dec 2023 - Record Breaking Collabs with more than 18 artists and 5 dance companies !!!!!

****Extended team names are mentioned as deliberate effort to clarify about any individual working with me or as any partnership recruit/volunteer or paid, if any.

Fun Facts : When I could not find my own pictures : my friends, my teachers, my schools and classmates or their kids had them :)

                      It took about a week to receive everything. We all cherished all our beautiful memories!

When you speak the truth, you don't have to rem anything!

It is right there, as is.

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