Performing Arts Collaborations Outside Grace And Grooves LLC

Hetal's Collaborations w/outside artists or companies:

(Outside Grace & Grooves LLC)

  1. Fusion Dance of Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics, Tumble

  2. Garba/Fogana, Minor Age Category 5 to 7

  3. Garba/Fogana, Senior Adults (Young Adults) Category Folk

  4. Play List of my collaborations with outside Artist : Click Here...

  5. 2018 RG2 Productions : Partnership between Raagaleena & Grace and Grooves For Irving, Frisco & Other Locations.

Pictures...and More Details...

Record Breaking Collabs with more than 12 artists and 3 dance companies !!!!!

Fun Facts : When I could not find my own pictures : my friends, my teachers, my schools and classmates or their kids had them :)

                     It took me about a week to get everything. We all cherished all our beautiful memories!

When you speak the truth, you don't have to rem anything! It is right there, as is.