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Debunking Rumors About Me - Hetal Joshi M 

It is weird that people assume all this & these were asked somewhere in queries or texts/messages of my admins.

I am glad it was asked.

Well, here's how i debunk these rumors.

These are my personal/family/direct experiences and it has nothing to do with anybody!

  1. Collab of Elites ? NO. We do not have "any ties" for Elites or any other groups/companies or artists if it is not listed anywhere on our blogs or site. Our Elites are not your Elites. It was also cleared on Fb .

  2. Rg2 was G2. NO. R or RG stands for Raagaleena. G stands for Grace And Grooves(thats G1), 2 stands for additional brand of Grace And Grooves & Raagaleena. G and 2 were common in both names and thus the name was planned. Here's more of it.

  3. I am looking for Spirituality Group - NO. I  am not. You can see some of my activities that are listed. 

  4. My Fav sport is swimming - NO. I do not swim nor I prefer to!

    1. I am a former sportmen.

    2. I am associated w/several sports teams only because of my previous engagements in sports, direct referrels within my networks because of sports background such as sponsors or other opportunities and also because i am associated with several training programs at various accrediated institutions and so often it is by the word of mouth most of my sports acitvities are booked.

  5. RG2 Brand Launch and Sponsorships (Collab) - Paid Promotion(first official sponsorship by RG2)

    1. It was handled by Funasia Radio/Saumil(Sam) Thakkar & Ek Nazar. 

    2. We did not hire K**** for promotion-it is some rumor. Hetal/Swapna paid for it.

  6. I worked for any programs for City of Coppell/any individuals - NO, I never applied for anything. Some places I choose not to.

  7. I worked for any program in Coppell ISD Schools - NO, I never applied for anything. Some places I choose not to.

  8. Did I ever apply for any auditions or model calls ? NO. I never had to & I was never interested.

    1. My paths were lighted very early in life with multi field interests. And all the other gigs were a direct walk in to every field as it should be because of training schools that I was associated with. Thus I made my own too.

  9. Am I banned anywhere ? NO. Every year several of my students apply everywhere in several countries and are accepted too.

    1. 5 countries direct walk in because of curriculam clarity in performing arts as well as all of my specialities.​

  10. Did i have any rejections in any cities ? - NO, here's the huge list of cities I have successfully worked with.

    1. Since it was part-time, I could not take more or I did not propose more. Some are my clients till date and some from more than 10 years.

    2. If my location was there then it means it was because of existing clients and gigs.

    3. I do not open new locations without existing client base or regular travels to that city. 

    4. With some cities, I choose not to only because of other factors that have surfaced right before me.

    5. I have received so much love and support from every single proposal and all the work because of each of my specialities that I am absolutely enjoying all the uploads. 

      1. These updates were planned in 2014-2015 and we are about to complete these. Here's the link of these amazing activities!

    6. After serving abt 30 cities & > 500 clients(other than my own students and private packages-students groups) and all this success in each category, genre and speciality, does it look like that we were rejected anywhere ?

  11. I worked at Coppell Recreation center for anything/any individuals - NO, I never applied. Some places I choose not to.

  12. Coppell YMCA - parents volunteer program - NO. i never applied for this one either/busy.

  13. Nruthya Shakti Dance Academy/any individuals - Vandita Parikh - NO, I never applied anything. Some places I choose not to.

    1. I was asked by this individual to send my resume because of my straight record during the temple activity, which I did.

    2. Weird that vandita copied from my resume instead!

      • yes, it is true. vandita parikh does not teach indian folk dance. there are no techniques in her dances.

    3. We competed in her competition with a bollywood dance.(song-maine payal chankai).

      1. In the emails(send by her from her email id) and in the announcements everywhere during the program and the win(2nd place)  - it was named as Rajasthani Folk Dance. This was despite correcting it million times. 

      2. Weird! It was my cousins' bollywood choreography that I taught to my charter school group to compete. my cousin has nothing to do with folk or bharatanatyam.

  14. Gandharv Vidyalaya or any individuals - NO, I never applied for anything. Some places I choose not to.

    1. I am myself eligible to open my own university. zero interest.

  15. Shubham "something/do not know full name"- Gopal Ponangi - NO, I never applied for anything. Some places I choose not to.

  16. Arya International - NO, I never applied for anything/anybody. activities & goals are way too different.

    1. My first sponsored "commercial/non fundraising sponsorship" was in 2022 (Bhoomi Trivedi) and all the other smaller ones are listed. 

    2. My sponsored programs and my fundraisers are listed as well.

    3. this rumor was created by other dance company owner.

    4. My activity/projects other than my regular dance lessons in performing arts that I get paid for -  

  17. Alpana or Aarti School of Dance - NO, I never applied for anything. Some places I choose not to.

    1. Alpana was/is my client for wholesale costumes for my costume - E Commerce Brand / Jazz it up.​

    2. For more than 8-10 (some workshops next door/room sublease) years or so, we have taught classes next to each other in carrollton, addison/we conduct workshops there or we use for other purposes and very often or FM423 location and independently/sub lease.

    3. My locations are still the same and we still offer our classes in those locations.

    4. 3 elites that showed up for auditions (for external reachh mediaa artist programs) failed the first submissions from various organisations with critics on relevant dance jathis missing in the dance piece. Their jatiswaram or Thillana does not have tech of jthiswaram or thillana and thus cannot be addressed accordingly. 1/10 dance piece is correct.

    5. Upon asking for these submissions, these students had submitted class videos, arangetram videos and recital videos which in most cases is expected to be a completion of a level.

    6. It is weird (and news) to me that they keep moving. I do not change my locations, like ever. And I am unsure why I am asked about others. This is also true.

  18. Coppell Crocs Swim Team or any of the individuals or for anything - NO, I never applied. Some places I choose not to.

    1. I was a timer (only) during my kids swim meets and it was a mistake.

    2. We walked out b'coz of stalking, racial discrimination, religious harassment, negligence of children during swim meets and during classes and "external / out of center" harassment & all of this is reported to authorities. 

    3. The only sports teams I have ever worked for or for any assignments or module based work :​ My Sports Background (scroll at the bottom).

  19. Some people have never worked for me / for anything or as third party : (as of 2023) :

    1. After these actions. NO. It is never until they are accountable for their actions. How dare you use company name and harass other people. 

    2. Reported to authorities.​

  20. People that have worked under/w/me for "anything" related to my performing arts and eventually for me aka all type of Staff.

  21. Real Estate or Property Management - I have never worked for any. my work is with builder and those are listed on this link.​​

  22. Some bluetooth mode i was introduced to in 2020. I exited in 2021. Boring!

  23. Hetal drinks ? No. Hetal never drinks, body throws alcohol like its allergic to it. Hetal does not smoke either!

    • A no smoke, no alcohol no drugs environment. Secondary smoke - yes! Most bosses were chain smokers.

  24. My husband is my spouse. He is not my business partner (and with me in my fields, i am the boss). I am your boss. I am not your friend. If you are my friend and you work for me then i am your boss in work hours.

    1. Do not go to my spouse/nagaraj by mistake (haha). It will be a harassment and unprofessional if you go to my husband for anything (if i did not ask you). You will lose your respect and you will look stupid if you go to my spouse/him/nagaraj for my anything. He will wonder what has my work to do with him. And with this, he will never want to have you under him, for anything. 

    2. Do not go to my children either. They will wonder the exact. Do you know what the word independent means?Go read that again. 

  25. Hetal does not teach. NO. I am always in classes either directly teaching/supervising/instructing (or mentoring as needed if it is scholars program unless the instructor is fully qualified to teach unsupervised). 

    1. I am always 99% contributor of "everything" as needed. I am the only full timer despite being a part timer until 2019 spec in performing arts. 

    2. Here's my own stats without company name. It was other way round that I needed a company name to do bigger projects.

    3. Average batches in my peak time is about 20 throughout the week + other activities and thus min 35 to 70 students per show by genre are my own. Thus I had a scheduler for myself and then the company.

  26. Any other dance school or performing arts individuals as a matter of fact in entire USA - NO, I never applied.

    1. The only field where I was on my own throughout and thus was a weekend activity (part time) until 2019.

    2. As a matter of fact, for any of above individuals or company, I have not worked for any fields(2023).

      • I have never collaborated with them either. I choose not to.

      • Most of it is to do with my straight background/transparency/traceability in multi-speciality/multi-field projects/my own personal billing hours that I attract because of my 100% successful delivery/background for all the projects or specialities.

    3. Besides, I had my plans to follow through my life-path that I made for myself and so

I will love to debunk more of rumors as I come across because why not!

What I think of myself - None of your business! You can think of me anything you like. 


New to you ?

Somebody who does not allow to be used for anything without permission on paper.

You can hate me for truth i speak , I will not lie to make you feel better . It is what it is.

Spread love, not rumors. 

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