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Hetal taught in USA - Temples | Churches | Spiritual Groups :

Language, Faith, Culture, Religion & Spiritual Activities for the following : Non-Profit Activites.

  1. Language, Culture & Religion at free of cost (not to mistake with nritya-seva-this is additional hours) :

    1. Over 6 years (DFW Hindu Temple, Irving-Texas, USA) :

    2. Over 2 years (Hanuman Temple, Frisco-Texas, USA) : Pics Here.

  2. 2 Faith Based Dance Performances at Church - 2012-2013 : Irving-Coppell-Texas, USA. Pics Below. (Based on Jesus). Genre : Bollywood.

  3. 2 Faith Based Dance Performances at Various Places : Arlington, Texas, USA. Pics Below. Genre : Traditional & Modern Folk Dances.

  4. 1 Faith Based Dance Performance at Our Own Recital as well, Genre : Bollywood : Performance in Plano, Texas (Based on Muslim Culture)

  5. 1 Faith Based Dance Performances at DFW Hindu Temple : Bharatanatyam | 2 styles of Bharatanatyam. Irving-Coppell Students

  6. 5 Performances For Dallas Catholic Charities & Dallas News : Solo & Duets, HIndu Group Dances & Dance Dramas in Indian Folk Dances & Nepali Folk Dances. (As requested, All genre based)

  7. 4 hr program directed by hetalnagaraj for spiritual groups + telugu church. pre.teens, teens & active adults. choreographed 2 dances as well wherein 2 ballet academies + hetalnagaraj herself performed in this series.

    • Project that led to Grace Creations Fusion Company in 2012-2013 and G2 Dance Factory in 2021. More pics.

*** A few projects are Paid Projects either by church or by students | Registrations are open once a year for these programs.​

Hetal's Religion, Cultural, Faith & Spiritual Journey, Accomplishments :

Spiritual Journey : Maharshi Aravind Society, Gandhinagar under the guidance of Lt. Shri Nautam Bhatt & Lt. Smt Nirmala Bhatt (USA Citizens, Penn State, NY, NJ) :

  • Reporting Branch : Shri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, India.

  • Breathing Techniques, Stages of Consciousness, Mediation Levels

  • Chakra Balance with Spiritual Yoga and Applications. 

  • Art of Living, Mind/Body/Speech Control.

  • Fasting, Mantra Recitation and Practical Living.

  • Understanding And Application of Presence of Mind, Spiritual Development & Human Psychology with consciousness.

  • My center of practice : Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Temple - Swadhyay Pariwar, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India:

  • Reporting Branch - Bhavnirzar, Ahmedabad, India.

  • Over 2036 Shiv Mahimna Strotram Chants w/Swadhyay Pariwar, Gandhinagar, Gujarat (under the guidance of Lt. Shri Shambhubhai Joshi and Shri. Rameshbhai Joshi). Must Follow Guidelines.

  • Straight 8 years of learning, following guidelines, diet, and mantra jaap with proper understanding in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Gujarati with prayer for every occasion and its effects.

  • Other activities included : Learning famous kirthanas/kirthees/krithees/poem/dohas of famous poets in other languages.

  • Fasting, Mantra Recitation, Meditation/Dhyanam And Art of Living.

Temple - Gayathri Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India:

  • 1.5 Lakhs Gayathri Mantra Writing Submission to Gayathri Shakti Peetham. Must Follow Guidelines and Time. Received acknowledgements/receipts for the same with an approval to teach younger disciples at the temple.

  • 3.5 Lakhs Gayathri Mantra Chanting/Jaap @ The Temple. Must Follow Guidelines and Time. Received acknowledgements/receipts for the same with an approval to teach younger disciples at the temple.

  • Fasting, Mantra Recitation, Bhajan Sabha And Art of Living.

Temple - Chinmaya Mission, Ahmedabad, India :​

  • Understanding of Vedas, Hindu Texts, Interpretation and translations with relativity of each script.

  • Understanding of recitation benefits related to certain shlokas.

  • Vibrations, Meditation and Shlokas, Invocations with mantras in several languages by famous poets & its importance.

  • Posture, Breathing Techniques and Mantra Chanting.

  • Fasting, Mantra Recitation And Art of Living.

2022 : Temple - Siddhi Vinayak, Mumbai : 10 years of Ganesh Festivities as directed by temple priest :

  • 3 days. 30 families per festival/year - 10 years/300 families. 10 kuvarikas per festival/year - 30 in 10 years. 

  • 10 sacrifices offered, 10 Years of donations to Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Mumbai.

  • twice a day prayers, aarti, guests, full meals as directed, dhyaan, fasting and mantra chant, zero waste ganesha.

  • learned it first in dfw hindu temple (as directed by Siddhi Vinayak temple).

  • consciousness, awakening, enlightenment, meditation, focus, ridhhi, siddhi, recognition and chant. Pics.

  • Pls do not follow anything from here blindly. I take on paper achievements.

2023 - December - Anushthan -​ 

An anushthan is an intense spiritual practice that lasts a certain number of days and involves completing a specific number of mantras or austerities, usually in 1 sitting. Small targets can be achieved in one sitting with a goal. During anushthan, ideally we keep silence, eat simple sattvic meals, and remain in seclusion, close to our asan/or remote life - basically - not interacting with the world or worldly pleasures.

***I have my mentor that I follow and he/she is an accomplished religious/spiritual practioner.

My "this" spiritual path was made in 2004(based on my prior siddhi(s)) around 8th week of my 1st pregnancy which was during Navaratri days and it came to me.  #Durgasthami

***Pls seek the help of a well quailified spiritual leader as per your birth charts or achievements/Sidhhis.

  • Mahakali Ashtakam 5K | Goal 15K

  • Mahakal Ashtakam 1K | Goal 5K

  • Shiv Tandav 10K | Goal 20K

  • Hanuman Chalisa 2500 | Goal 5000

  • Narasimha Kavacham 10K | Goal 20K

  • Bhaja Govindam full 1K | Goal 5K

  • Navdurga Kavacham 1K | Goal 5K

  • Mahisasurmardini/Durgasthakam 5k | Goal 10K

What is next ? I guess we will know! 

My salutes to Lt. Smt Nirmala Bhatt, Lt. Smt Sharada Joshi and Smt.Anusuya Joshi.

Women who changed my life and made me woman I am today, in terms of education, knowledge & independence/career.

Other Culture & Religion Class Trainings Under Schools, Colleges & Institutions :
  1. St. Xaviers | Mt. Carmel : Value Education - Religion Study (Bible, Quran, Bhagwat Gita, Buddism-Intro), Women Upbringing, Small Industries, Co-op.
  2. St. Xaviers | Mt. Carmel : Hindu Based Dance Dramas : Janmashtami, Navaratri, Shivostav, Spring And Fall Festivals - Theme Based.
  3. St. Xaviers | Mt. Carmel : Cathicism 2 yrs : Catholic Faith Based Programs by Convents : Christmas Plays, Elements-Dances. Pics Soon :).
  4. St. Xaviers | Mt. Carmel : Carols-Singing - Exclusive (4 years).

All gods, religions, faith, spiritualism are all same, i wrote exams on them. i scored marks & blessings, both !

Fun Facts :

Do you know Grace/Gracey is me/hetal. This name was given to me by my Indian church activity groups ( Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam ) in Irving, Texas USA. On request, even the social media account was made for all Out of USA submissions(international) to avoid confusions with personal account. When not in use for any company international activities, this account is used for admin purposes by functional staff members for outside USA events. It was string event that led to multiple submissions for couple of years together and so changing the name was then impossible.

As a matter of fact, this name had nothing to do with any names that i had short-listed to register as company and it was not a christian event or dance either :). It was infact a hindu dance series of Krishna Leela in folk genre. Here's is that account : Gracey

***The company Grace and Grooves eventually became g1(aka jeevan/life) providing several life support systems(from trainings to jobs) and education support to several artists. The company has a blog post that was released a couple years ago where this story is written! The post is also used as back link post for a published article by local newspaper.

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