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 Teens & 18+ Adults 

Audition Calls for the following cities

    972 979 2559  : 

  • DFW - Texas - Plano/Frisco/Mckinney/Allen Areas Only :

    • Practices will be held in Allen - all genres welcome.

    • Location 1 - Allen - Open House - Sunday - March 2, 2024 | 2pm

    • Location 2 - Lewisville, Open House - Sunday - March 2, 2024 | 630pm

    • Registration by phone/forms only.

  • DFW - Texas - Irving/Carrollton/Flowermound :

    • Practices will held in Irving or Flowermound - no hiphop at this location.

  • All practices will be held after 7pm or during weekends. Day time practices may be available.

  • This post was last updated by Hetal Nagaraj herself as queries are asked.

    • Feb 11, 2024  10:45pm, 11:25pm | Feb 12, 2024 9:15am | Feb 26, 2024 10:15pm | Feb 27, 2024 11:00am.

  1. Type of Activity - Audition Workshop | Professional Performance Workshop | Tagore Series 2

  2. Series - Rabindranath Tagore Series. This is our Phase 2 of Tagore Series. 

    • Hetal is trained for/in Rabindra Nruthya and Katha under the legacy of Shri. Ravishankar's family (Rabindra Shonkar Chowdary) and own school as well. Hetal's entire college years had a strong influence of this legacy and several projects. 

    • Phase 1 was completed in 2019 by inhouse students & several external students w/several awards.

  3. Gender - Men, Women Welcome | Couples, Families, All Welcome!

  4. Level - ALL Levels Welcome | Active Adults Preferred. 

    • Those who are absolute newbies (with no dance experience ever) will be required to take a 40hours basic training for safety. (480$ for 40hrs w/basic techs+above).

  5. Genre - Mixed Genre Most Welcome. Must reveal your speciality.

    • If you have trainings in multiple specialities, pls mention those w/2mins clips.

    • dance form dancers are required to submit 2min pure dance(if bharatanatyam/classical dancers then jathis)

  6. Non Dance Genre - Theater, Theatre, Acro, Gymnasts, Drama Artists Welcome!

  7. Experience & Eligibility - Please do not lie about your experience or background in any genre without any proof or clips or guru/teacher/institute's name. 

    • You could run a institute and you are welcome to apply, just let us know. We will love to know. Be professional. Should be open to "learn" professionally (to deliver) in any genre. 

  8. Payments|Pricing - 250$ for 12 hours(200$ for 12hour;50$registration) | NOW Accepting payments with full waivers

  9. Costumes and Program/Production Fees is not included as it depends on level of dancer and their capacity to perform.

  10. Rehearsals w/and without costumes - no charge for rehearsals (after the completion of 12hours).

    • My rehearsals are typiclly anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, depends on level.

  11. Registration - email id/phone number, legal name is required for contact list for timings/schedules/dates and after that payments will be taken. In-person open house will be scheduled once this registration is completed.

  12. Expectations - In these workshops, it is expected that you know or have some dance background and technical/techniques knowhow.

    • Pls do not lie about your level.

    • Absolute newbies will be seperated by levels. Practice and accelerate!

  13. Goals - This audition workshop is to create a dance team that can perform regularly and also do shows with us showcasing our company's amazing culture and also represent the company in various performances and genres at commercial levels. Must comply to requirements/request. 

  14. Elites will be selected from this. Those that are trained and are well aware of various skills or techniques/technicalities will perform in our Reachh Mediaa Gigs.

    • fees applicable. people that are fired, pls do not apply. 

    • people that are laid off are not required to attend this. you have worked with me so directly call me.

    • Those who are extremely well versed will be directly offered Elite Programs.

  15. What to Expect - All gigs' costumes are provided with full accessories and by size upon joining.

  16. Contact - Directly reach Ms. Hetal Nagaraj - 972 979 2559. 

*****No refunds because of 12hr/short term. The only time there will be refunds is during low enrollment. Welcome to ask any queries.

About Hetal Nagaraj/me -

Success under Hetal Nagaraj/me -

Students that clear these auditions/workshops will get opportunities to perform and will be included in the teams.

Nonetheless, everybody will perform.

You can check some pictures & video clips of my activities that we do often | This is exclusively mine :

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Full paperwork is required for waivers, safety and by MOU.

-Legal residents only.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Some Cinema Famous or Popular Songs / Dances will be included as well 

40 hr training is for basic techniques or for mixed level;curriculam created by me and we have grads in those. One of the most successful program in my company.

Teams will be led by Hetal Nagaraj

972 979 2559

****40 hr training package can be included as instructional teachings if you were to teach/instruct for bollywood (this one focuses to non hiphop styles) and as requested, it is infused in this program.

  • Performance is absolutely required, fees for which will be taken in the first initial classes of the program itself.

  • It is one of my best selling program for mixed level or talented dancers that want to step in skilled dancing and we have graduates in those.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-15 at 3.14.29 PM.jpeg
  • These trainings may/may not be by techniques and so do not use it for instructional teachings. It is very much like my 40hr kathak training.

  • The only diff is my kathak training was exclusive techniques and it was focused to only those techniques that were requested for choreography.

  • The technique trainings are provided to inhouse graduates only as these students or dancers are often are commited to company more than most individuals.
  • This is however great way to be my Elite and get benefits of inhouse trainings.

What is Grace And Grooves ? -
  • Legal entity/company that i registered as a group for my activities through which i conduct performing arts activities because of more than 50 specialities in this field.
  • Several commercial & institutionalized activities require a legal entity to represent an individual or a group of individuals. All the proceeds are 501 3 Exempt.

Do not overthink anything. Ask Me! My goal to make you successful & independent.

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