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Our Stay at home batches are NOW open. Details in flyer.

18+ Active Adults Programs for Elites Training as well as Professional Trainings.

Batches shall begin from May 2024 and onwards.

These batches are every 3-4-5 years. 2013-2016-2024 by genre/category

These will be taught exclusively by Hetal Nagaraj, Hetal Nagaraj Dance and at either Lewisville, Allen or Flowermound(after holidays) locations-by dates provided to you upon registration only because of the mainstream gigs, projects by genre and thus knows what is expected from a demonstrations by each genre or categories during these programs as requested;where techniques are represented with dance. This will be in all genres.

Lock-in price without registration for 18+.

These programs do not have makeup classes since there is no registration involved.


Professional Training Dancers are expected to be available and commit to creating their portfolio with the company and should be able to perform as per request by invoice from clients. Legal residents of USA or on spouse visa are welcomed. This program is for 18+ only.

Must sign insurance waivers, contracts as requested or drug tests if requested by clients and should be open to learning as per technicalities if it needs to be demonstrated by each skill. 

Examples within company - Ms. Sindhu, Ms. Deepthi for all of above.

Elites or Grads in various genres. Several gigs are Monday To Friday 9am to 6pm too and a few gigs/aka or dance productions/model shoots are during weekends as well. 


Yes, I pay and the payouts are determined based on projects. All payouts from Grace And Grooves.

Certain level of mastery is expected to get the payouts. Serious entries only. These dancers will represent the company to stand with Elites for several gigs as I propose and create these projects. We do not do reels.


This program will feed the day time gigs and weekends for Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 By Hetal Nagaraj programs as company dancers. All sessions are refillable and has a specific skill list which have worked as well and by genre!

***We are not hiring until further notice** Texas All Star Talents By Hetl Nagraj, Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 By Hetal Nagaraj are limited to inhouse students only. All Volunteer programs are paused until further notice due to criminal fraud in these brands.

****People that are reasons for criminal frauds & harm to company are not allowed without accountability for the damages (in $$$$).

If you are working with any other company or have relations that could harm any of my work, please do not join.

This is high sensitive areas and we do not want certain people.

Full paperwork is required for waivers, safety and by MOU.

-Legal residents only | Spouse visa welcome.

972 979 2559

Teams will be led by Hetal Nagaraj

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-15 at 3.14.29 PM.jpeg
What is Grace And Grooves ? -
  • Legal entity/company that i registered as a group for my performing arts activities through which i conduct performing arts activities because of more than 50 specialities in this field! 
  • Several commercial & institutionalized activities require a legal entity to represent an individual or a group of individuals.
  • All the training proceeds are 501 3 C Exempt.

Do not overthink anything. Ask Me! My goal to make you successful & independent.

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