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Hetal's Background In Professional-Commercial Writing : 

  • Writing Skills - Writer via school itself as part of English & Literature - Readers Digest Student-School Projects, Essay Writing Competitions. 

  • Trained in Commercial Writing : Poems, Songs, Scripts, Journalism-Articles, Theater Design/Plays, Story Telling, Commercial Drafts : Stage Design & Theatre/Set. 

  • Her Poems, Articles, Songs & Scripts have been published in several student magazines in India and in USA by well known publishers and news. She has taken part in several monologue plays revised & inspired from William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Rabindranath Tagore, Zaverchand Meghani and many more.

  • As of of 2021, she has collection of over 2500 poems, songs and several dance dramas of which she herself plans and executes in her own shows. Some of these have won awards without any voting under strict judges by categories, genres, at natioanl level and have been published with sponsorship. Next count is of 5000.

  • Hetal has blog(s) of her submitted poems, articles/submissions, student research thesis, songs and some fun snippets for various nominations.

    • Some are revised for multiple submissions or by the word-count for some submission/publications or by requirements to meet the subject matter of the publishing companies or nominations or sponsors.

    • Blog is used only for submission as public display/required. Not A Blogger. She continues to write every day new songs/poems/plays/journal and designs sets. Her inspirations are from her own life & incidents. 

  • Several Awards are won in performing arts and most of the dance dramas are from her own write-ups by genre.

  • She does not teach educational writing.

  • Music recomposition & beat counts are taught at Grace And Grooves Group, by genre.

  • Services Offered :

    • ghostwriter blogs and articles for mainstream publications or for commerical blogs, lyricist, song outline and base ideas-ideas to get inspired from, song writing services, composer, remix, re-compose, revised editions from broken records, by genre as requested.

    • Ghost writer from 2005 with short term projects with timeline per module or specific content.

Pictures, Work In Progress...We have plenty :)

My Favorite Poem of All : Woods are lovely dark and deep,.......

My Favorite Line of All : Miles to go....before I sleep : Robert Frost.

Favorite Book : Wings of Fire By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Only right knowledge and education can replace a mother.

Fun - Facts:

Hetal was named Claire aka Clarity when she won first poem competition in her school in1986! It was clarity of subject matter in her writeups that got her this label. Getting the message across and keeping it simple won her 1st place. She rarely uses that name for submissions.

But here's her brand new-instagram for those who love poems/songs/writeups. Insta was made in 2021.

  • ClairWrites

Music Re-Compositions & Remixes : 

On March 9, 2022 Hetal Nagaraj sold her 3500th music mix! Her 3500th music was a bollywood mix with latin beats for a client.


Hetal specialies in music compositions, re-composititon from broken records, music mixes, adding/removing music/beats, pitch and tempo adjustments, commercial writing, poetry and lyrics engagement in music for industry. She specializes in music with full trainings of music-board and various apps as well.

This includes music making without disturbing the ragam and thalam for classical dances, music compositions & recompositions for folk categories and genres, hiphop, contemporary and many more! This work is not the medley work that all dance schools do :). The Difference.


All her music re-compositions or compositions fall in category of *no copyrights found* on youtube.  

This is how Grace And Grooves Team are able to re-create music/songs by genre for our genre competitions!

Very soon, these tracks will be available for purchases on our websites for other dance schools and teachers at a very affordable price.

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