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History & Archeology finds teaches us so many lessons that at times i feel that after all this education, degrees, certifications, courses and mentor programs that i take for myself, i wonder if i could have probably just read history & if that would be enough ?????

Oh well, I will still take some more courses and then might as well read more history too & i will wonder this again !

What do i do to relax ?
  • I am always relaxed and yep, it is always busy w/kids & kids activities, family, my other family visiting us from anywhere, festivals, my work, husbands work schedules, some family emergency.

  • I do lot of meal preps - I sort of enjoy it. it makes my life easy to avoid eating outside.

    • i also enjoy trying new recipes for cure of new ailments as a part of my rasayan shashtra practices.

    • I cured IBS, asthma, High BP, blood sugar, cholestrol, inflamation, arthritis, diabetes for more than 200 kids & more than 20 women and men clients of different age groups.

    • I love to plan my kids lunch meals and my own home meals too by season and by cuisine.

  • I dance, do classes, plan choreo, plan class plan for my existing regular batches/programs at, prepare dance tutorials for my batches, read news related to my fields, prepare lesson plan for my private classes (these are so much fun because in 5 to 10 hours, we have targets to deliver so it is important to keep clients in mind for what they can do in those hours by their ability!).​

  • I also do lot of formulation at home-R & D for cosmetics. It is so much fun. I am my own gunea pig, and off-late for my kids, my loved ones and my family only and I have cured skin issues such as skin darkness, pimple rashes, black spots from commercial damage, patchy skin, and several skin traumas from sports & teen phase. I have entire salon at home with all the apparatus as well. I do not provide these services to anybody because my specialities are only limited to asia. I am certified salon & skin specialist for asian skin care in 3 different lines of beauty salon - commercial and herbal. Once a while, on success, i sell these to my own salon people/network.

  • I go for hair massages, hair cuts-often : there is always lot of hair to cut or style or i just style my own hair.

    • Times, i grow my hair to donate.

  • I hear music, make new mixes or capture beats from these mixes, remixes and recompose.

  • I plan, design, productions, sets, costumes for future plans, i enjoy designing these - these are so much fun.

  • I watch movies from my own collection irrespective of netflix or online streaming. I have a huge collection of dvds, more than 500 :)

  • I design architecture for my future plans/apps. lots of stuff going onn :). excited and all fun.

  • I read from my own library as per my bookmark on my books. I have more than 2000 books!

    • Currently, i am practicing one of the other veda under my guru's directions.

    • Ancient scriptures, history, archeology, and knowledge practices is my deep interest.

  • I often visit antique sites, shops, craiglists, fb marketplaces to see what's new !!

  • I take power naps. I was trained for this! I can sleep anywhere, anytime i want for as long as i want :)

  • I can meditate just about anywhere! At times, while drinking coffee.

  • I write my own journal, off-late i am a blogger and there is always something around me these days that needs my attention as we are updating my sites, background, pictures, videos for the releases.

  • I am clean-freak and so there is always some organizing project in my house that needs me :)

  • I chant in more than 6 spiritualities :)

  • Irrespective of how busy i am, i always go for massages because of my performing arts 8 specialities that involves physical showcases & by level, and this is to maintain my muscle tone & relax my body.​ i take my own oil formulations for my own massages. This from the age of 16!

  • I catch up with my friends, social medias. I sign up some course if i forsee-good time in my hand.

  • Everything i do is my hobby and so it never stresses me :). That's how much I enjoy it. I am never tired or stressed per se!

  • It tires me if i don't do lot of physical activities because body is so used to it. And so i maintain/schedule my classes by genre, accordingly.

  • So much to do and so many things that interests me....just in relaxing --- : is all relaxing :)

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