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Gifted & Talented Artists Programs

Gifted Artists Programs. From Talent to Skills.

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  • Lewisville

Service Description

Speciality - --- my 501 3 c program that runs exclusively under me or my qualified graduates or Elites. Path is Volunteer - Internships - Scholarships - Lead role in our company Or you can graduate and create your own. ****Students of this program are required to submit their volunteer or community papers for signups if certain community hours as requested by their schools or colleges that are signed regularly by me. OR complete certain tasks assigned to graduate to next level if part time or seasonal. Must commit certain hours as per MOU or as assigned by the tasks and must complete by that time frame and client satisfaction and results! OR Straight 40 hours of full volunteer work by speciality to learn all these activities to qualify for scholars program. Food/Gas/Company Gadgets/Gears and subscriptions are provided in full to complete the tasks. ****Texas ALL star showcases usually occurs during March or December every 1.5 to 2 years. There is no page for this show but we do have social media page where the activities are often uploaded. ****This is perfect program for those students who do not know what they have learned in their childhood days or do not have a guru/self learned talented or gifted or their dances do not showcase techniques. --- I am self employed and I run this program on my own. Recently, this program had a criminal fraud/unsolicated transactions/monetary theft and because of this, this program is on pause until further notice. It is one of my 501 3 C.

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  • Lewisville, TX, USA

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