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Web Development Projects

Portals and Webpage  : 
  • Dot.Net - Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj : Earthquake Relief Donation Portal​ (LiveProject via. Institute).

    • ​Assignments(Live-Paid) Projects : Development, Maintenance and Transfer. 

      • Independent project proposed at NIFT, NIIT and Tata Infotech Center to help victims of Earthquake.

      • Fundraising via web development and online media, Redesign Old Clothes and receive international aids.

      • Project included : Sitemap Design and User Interface, Website Design : Dot Net, Html, Secured Wire Transfers, National as well as international transactions, Logins and Logout, Visit to affected area and get the statistics of damage done and report to disaster relief operation team at Govt. Of Gujarat with graph and specifics as part of website itself to show the damage done.
        ** Received recommendation letters, paid internships and fees waived off for diploma exams in 2001(Worth 2000 Rs). + Free softwares.

      • Recommendation Letters : Click Here  // Pics //

  • Publishing Insurance Softwares To Sales Managers' Portals (LiveProject via. Institute)

    • Assignments(Live-Paid) Projects :

      • Designing, Maintaining Insurance Calculators,

      • User Interface, Admin logins, Framework

      • Database Maintenance - File Management System - Updating Records, Status Updates.

    • Oracle 8i,, Java, C, Html, Dhtml.///Add specific-others//

    • Appreciation Letters : Click Here // Pics //

  • Referrel Program Framework Internal Admin-Portals(Employees):
    • Assignments/LIVE (Paid) Projects:
      • Maintenance of Existing Admin Panels, ​
      • Calculation of % fees, Referrel Benefits,
      • Auto-Transfer of User-Input Databases,
      • Fee Status Update, Bank Transfer Updates,
      • Control-Rights To Employees Database-Transfer & Updates.
    • Oracle 8i, Java, Unix, Linux, C, Framework///Add specific-others//
    • Appreciation Letters : Click Here // Pics //
  • Wix Website : 2017 to Current. : Target September. Ganesh Utsav 2018.
    • Framework, Wireframe, Development, Maintenance ​
  • Weebly Website - RiP : Non. Profit : 2017 - Current. ///  October/November 2018. Happy Diwali Fucked up assholes and whores
    • Framework, Wireframe, Development, Maintenance​

   Upcoming Projects :

  1. Mirchi Movie Dance Academy.

  2. Nruthyakala Indian Folk Dance Academy.

  3. Dhamaal Events USA

  4. The Grace Effects

  5. Reachh Mediaa

  6. Kalashri Institute Of Indian Classical Dances

  7. Grace Creations Fusion Dance Company

  8. Setty Siblings

  9. Texas All Star Talents estd.2015.

  10. Cqunce : Non. Profit.

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