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501 3 C - Cqunce A Non Profit Org.
Dispute Resolution | Pre.litigation Services | Documentation | Education | Commerical | Business Services 

What we do -

  • Portfolio Management, Artist Management, Business Process, Training And Development Programs. 

  • Pre.litigation Services such as identifying the cases, lawyers and other para legal services, dispute resolution.

  • Documentations - Technical, Partnership Deeds, Franchise Contracts and Franchise Transfers, Franchise Insurance Clauses, Pre.Legal, Para-Legal, Power of Attorney, Mergers, Acquisitions, Business, Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Association(MOU), Articles of Association, Immigration Visas Family, Student Visas, Legal Formalities with and without Notary, Security Protocols & Paperwork, Emergency Management Protocols, Educational Legal Documentation and Educational Catalogs for educational facilities, Curriculum Designer, Product Designer, Service Designer, Strategy and Process, Forms and Waivers, Permit Documentations in more than 10 fields, Insurance Documentation, Terms and Conditions/Clauses in Membership Contracts, Non Profit Documentations, Compliance Standards - IT and other fields, Code of Conduct and Safety Protocols, Safety Standards, First Aid Programs, School / Educational Programs, Volunteer Programs, Govt Programs, Minor Laws, Apprentice & Scholar Programs for Students / Teens and Gifted Individuals, Labor Law Rights and Allowances, Child Rights, Child Neglect/Abuse, Women Rights, Artists Rights, Senior Rights, Special Needs Rights and Requirements, Background check with and without background companies and several others listed below.

  • Other Specialities are listed on this link.

Success - as of 2023. Exclusively by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.

A few drafts such as gathering information by interns/team (until 2022).

2022-2023 - limited due to massive criminal fraud in my own company/brands.

***I do not sit at G2 Dance Factory - Arlington Randol Mills West location anymore (from 2022 Dec)

  • Resolved more than 1 million$ worth of cases saving several individuals from lawsuits and criminal charges.

  • Technical Documentations - > 25 IT firms.

  • Educational Documentations - > 12 schools.

  • Power of Attorney including my own- > 50 Businesses.

  • Contracts and Member Services - > 12 Companies.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - > 3 Companies

  • Contracts, Forms and Compliance Protocols for Non Profits - > 8 Non Profits / 501 3 C. (see my paperwork in 8 temples/churches)

  • Permit Documents including my own > 20 types of permits - in various fields.

  • Collabs and MOU contracts and paperwork including my own more than - >100 packages 

  • Family Visas - > 24 Family Visas World Wide.

  • Student Visas - > 12 Student Visas USA

  • Compliance Standards and Protocols - > 3 companies.

  • Advertisement Packages and Marketing -> 5 companies.

  • Business Establishment and Compliance - > more than 6 companies.

  • Scholar Programs including my own - > 10 companies of different fields

  • Curriculum Design including my own - > 4 Elementary Charter Schools & 2 Youth Groups.

  • Business Worth / Net Worth for Termination of Partnership - > 4 companies.

  • Pre.Litigation List of Documentations - > 30 cases (after identifying the cases that cannot be resolved/dispute resolution failed because of several factors such as criminal chargers, child abuse and so onn.

Qualifications & Experience - My education made my life and my environment made me!

  • Leadership Course - the course that added the highest value to my entire dispute resolution. We had a special lecture series+demonstration+field work with security/detectives/investigators.

  • Commerce Masters Degree - the courses that taught me international business laws, mergers/acquisitions, business laws, and several civic protocols.

  • IT - compliance in each speciality through company trainings on special request.

  • IIM-CAT Preps. 2 IIMs (Calcutta, Ahmedabad that I cleared and got called to) : 

    • 1.5 to 2 years preps for CAT exams in which thorough study of world politics, international commons law, international business laws, engineering, space, farming, technology, literature, mergers and acquisitions, industries, immigration, english dialects in several countries, import export laws, and several others just to name a few!

    • The list was huge to prepare to clear group discussions and personal interviews. One of the toughest exams in India!

  • MAT - Management Aptitude Tests approved with direct invite to elite institutes of management throughout India.

  • Commercial Writing : School journalism 3 years that taught me field journalism, proof reading, articles/writing/commercial writing.

  • Immigration Development Manager : 5 years of field work taught me immigration laws and all the matters associated with it with speciality in student visas/family visas. In place like India, my first partners were germens and russians and so immigration and employment laws was something I had to be on the top to make sure to follow the compliance.

From compliance to security protocols, international commons law through various competitive exams and also due to my own commercial degrees, i gathered knowledge through education and real life experiences as well as expertise from on the job trainings as internships.

Thus, the idea of cqunce was introduced to me by a security friend and since then it is my humble effort for educating people for compliance and making them aware of laws, protocols and several rights.


ALL of this added a high value to my this area with all accumulated knowledge with education, my IQ, emotional IQ, experience and expertise and by 2022, I have resolved more than 1 million$ worth of cases saving several individuals from lawsuits and criminal charges.

Most of which were involving children, teens and active adults and a few for employment laws.

How it started ?

My environment/family is veteran family from 4th generation that dates back to partition of India.

Family has worked for both the countries(Britain/India) in highly sensitive positions in govt, this wing runs in family. 

  • Although, my knack for security and dispute resolution started in elementary school as my personal life experience. Age 13 is when i met dispute resolution officers. I was impressed by the art of talking and discussing through the matter. It did not matter to me as long as it was resolved or compensated for. The incident was my own as well. While heading back home from a dance drama/theatre series in city town hall (where i was main dancer), i was followed/stalked/harassed by a real life fan/a guy 10 years older than me. This was then reported to police and obviously he had an overnight in jail. He turned out to be an officer's kid which resulted in dispute resolution!

    • Since then, i was provided protection as the approach of this individual was aggressive and extremely violent in nature.

    • This wasn't the only time.

  • The 2nd time, other weird incident occurred in Ahmedabad. It was during internships, we were required to visit factories and industrial places. i had to beat the guy in public in my defense as he was being physical to my friend and myself in public transport while public were doing nothing!

    • Every other day was becoming a nightmare in the travel. With his nose broken and send to jail, i was further provided protection as it turned out they were in illegal activities for harassing girls & luring them. The entire gang was caught for which I was provided several perks from govt. and i was made invisible.

  • Needless to say, after this incident, I avoided that route for 2 years of my life with a special request from police and the public transport never stopped there (if I was in). I thanked my martial arts / kshatriya combat skills b'coz it saved my life. Most of these were because of the school environment. Army and Navy headquarters were right off the school grounds and thus, my upbringing was surrounded by this culture, environment and all the goodness of it with so much of love of country, amazing emotional balance and impressive IQ levels.

  • It attracted me a lot and while waiting for my dad off the meetings, I would spend my time with security, detectives and investigators. 

  • I was introduced to security protocols the day i accidentally hacked the first time in my early high school years and since then, I never looked back. Since then, every company that I joined for any services, this area serves like a magnet that i am drawn to. I scored very well and with ease I would add these to my existing courses.

All my job or as a service provider were high demanding/sensitive and thus i had to clear the company test/exams.

(without which projects were not assigned).

About Cqunce - - site is in beta-testing by my IT intern teams.

Hope you all enjoy reading some case studies without names.

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**Joke of the page ** :

The good news is that one of the last guys that attacked/harassed me/my friend passed away in 2016.

(as per my security friend who was keeping an eye on them).

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